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  1. Hey guys, has anyone got a pdf of 1984 Nissan 300C workshop manual I think it is called "Nissan Cedric 300C Factory Service Manual 1984" I'm find it hard to find a hard copy and only one I've found as a pdf was a photo copied version which is hard to read Thanks in advance David
  2. Thanks guys for all the help, finally today after numerous random emails a bloke from Melbourne sourced 3 of the tie rods from japan for me $282.65 to front door and I found the fourth one on ebay for $30 rhs inner. Hopefully they all are correct (touch wood)
  3. Oh your are correct, I just went of the rego papers, chn py30 028153 Sorry about that I just email the ebay item above ( thanks steveL) and they email back saying they don't fit
  4. Thanks guys for your suggestion I've tried nissan and they can only get drivers side which will cost me >$500 which I can't afford I've tried repco burson peddars and all the auto places around Tassy but all say that nothing is listed My chassis number is CHN 087491 if someone can help not sure if nissan cedric y30 6 gen parts would fit my car ????
  5. mm, so how do we get parts fr our Nissan 300C then, do I literally ask Nissan Japan for Nissan 300C parts ???
  6. Hi guys new here, just purchase a 1984 Nissan 300c at a good price. I'm chasing a set of inner/outer tie rod ends which seems to be a hard task here in Tasmania I've google online which has been a nightmare, as most places want the OEM number but they only list the Nissan Cedric/gloria (Japanese naming of the car). and I'm not sure if parts are correct. Do you guys know of someone here in Australia that I can get parts for my Nissan or even import them for me? Thank you in advance David
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