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  1. You can still import a decent condition R33 GTR for 40 - 50k providing you are using a broker not a dealer. It all depends on how fastidious you are. a mutual friend of mine bought in a series 3 auction graded R/C for 42k about 4 months ago. motor and running gear in excellent condition. just needs some touch up on two panels and interior work.
  2. I've also got the a-lsd on my '97. never really noticed the diff. probably because i've never taken it to the tracks. If it ever starts causing problems do you think it's better to get a modern KAAZ 1.5 SUPER Q or keep it? the torque split / pump device is apparently 4.5k brand new from nissan.
  3. good stuff buddy. our cars are 20+ years and will definitely need some rust work eventually. personally i'm more concerned about underbody rust.
  4. Hi just wondering what the current general consensus is when you blow your 20+ year old r33 gtst gearbox? Rebuild or Buy brand new R34 + pull conversion?
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