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  1. I wonder if it’s the auto ecu can’t figure out the manual Speedo inputs 🤔
  2. PLYNX So it still had the auto cluster when I purchased it, was suggested to get a manual cluster so I found one and swapped it in. Made no change unfortunately. Seems what ever is translating the signal is on crack now 😂. Have talked to people who said they had a 25 with 20 trans with the red gear on the Speedo drive and it worked as it should . Starting to wonder if the drive unit is bad or have seen where people have gone and changed the lay out of things on the back of the actual Speedo but unfortunately can only find things for a auto to manual with the correct 25 trans
  3. Well unfortunately the new gear didn’t change anything. Anyone know anything about resistors? The gauge is reading about double what it should. So my thought is if I can cut that signal in half it should get me relatively close.
  4. Luckily we don’t use salt here in Colorado but thank you for the advise! maintenance and such is no big deal, cars been on my lift at work twice already lol , I’m a Long time Nissan’s tech , just new to this platform.
  5. 🤞🏻 Crossed the new gear meshes Into the trans correctly. Found 4 listed at dealers in the country left. Have heard that about the 20 trans which is sad but makes sense. From the condition of the trans and pedal assembly it all looks to have been in the car for a long time now. Definitely wanting to change it out eventually for the proper trans !
  6. So I pulled the Speedo gear and found the pinion gear is worn, guessing from improper mesh with the worm gear. So it seems the worm gear is skimming the top of the pinion instead of being meshed and causing it to over spin. Looking for new pinion gears today
  7. Plynx Hahaha was just bad timing for a picture for the wife 😂. The truck next to me is actually my buddy , I did the lift and tires on it I agree on the sedan bumper, had honestly never seen a sedan in person until I picked up my car niZmo man surprisingly the car doesn’t have much rust other than surface back seats barely look like they where ever sat in Unfortunately I have no idea what the actual mileage is due to a manual swap that was done a long time ago and I found the pinion gear in the trans is worn down.
  8. Thanks! Right now just want to get the little 25 year olds car Bugs worked out. Then typical bolt on type stuff Amazing how much I have to learn after coming from a 04 G35 sedan that was built up
  9. I’ll try finding the thread thank you. Pulled the Speedo gear and it has a red gear. A Dakota digital converter may very well happen.
  10. I just purchased a R33 GTST sedan that was previously manual swapped. I’ve figured out it has a Rb20 transmission and my Speedo is reading about double what it should. At about 45mph the cluster is reading 160 kmh. Does anyone have any info on how I would figure out what Speedo gear I need to change to ? Thank you !
  11. Just purchased a 96 R33 sedan in Colorado usa. Saying hi and hope to learn a lot. Long Nissan tech just new to skylines
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