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  1. can you supply a link to what you’re talking about? this is the first i hear of dropping the drive shaft. excellent! thanks, i will try and track these two sizes down.
  2. as the title says, are all of the drain / filler plugs 13mm? interested specifically on front and rear differentials, transmission, and transfer case. i need to order the 13mm male socket, would like to understand if i need other sizes as well. i know most people use the 1/2” drive, but that translates to 12.76, and i’d just prefer to get the correct tool for the job. thanks, you gorgeous bastards.
  3. i did! i ordered right after i made the post! i didn’t see that on the page. i just took a chance and ordered it!
  4. @TXSquirrel buddy, this is exactly what i needed. thanks!!! @joshuaho96 i found a manual that they sell out of NZ, that is supposed to have everything (engine, chassis, and some other stuff) and it sells for a decent price, but i don't know anyone that has purchased it. what i don't want to do is pay for the engine only file that everyone has been sharing. @Duncan always chiming in with the excellent advice! thanks all of you!
  5. hello! does anyone have the correct torque specs for the filler and drain plugs for: transmission: front diff: rear diff: transfer case: I have the service manual, but it only covers the engine, not the rest. I'm looking for specs on an r33 gtr, if it makes a difference. thanks in advance, you absolute legends!
  6. @Duncan thanks very, very much! when i do the first oil change i’ll take a look.
  7. that seems really low! do you have a picture of what this looks like?
  8. hello! if any of you have an r33 gtr and have an oil relocation kit installed, i would be grateful if you shared with me what you used as a mount point. i don't have the oil cooler, i think i will be purchasing an HKS (15004-AN004) kit down the road, but for now i have a greddy relocation kit. this thing doesn't exactly come with any kind of real instruction, just theoretical on how it should work. is there an existing bracket that i should be leveraging, or did you need to drill new holes in the engine bay to get the position correct? is there anything i should know before taking this on? i figured i'd put the adapter plate on the block and then bolt the relocation kit in an easy to access spot on the driver's side, cut the AN hosing to correct lengths and then make the connections. thanks in advance for the recommendations and help!
  9. thanks, the oil was not much more than the others, so i went ahead and got 3 liters of it. perhaps the shitful clunking will be minimized.
  10. thanks, mine are aluminum. i was advised to carefully remove mine and re-use it, but i am not really sure how i would re-use a seal like this. i think i will just go with a fresh bead of rtv. thanks for the help!
  11. hello! i just pulled the valve covers, valley cover, and timing belt cover off. i am going to get them painted, as well as install a mines triple baffle plate. i noticed that the valley cover and timing belt covers have a rubber gasket attached to them, but i do not see part numbers for any of those, nor have i found any results for people replacing these. i am assuming you have to remove them when you get them powder coated. the valley cover gasket isn't even properly attached, so that needs to get replaced anyway. please let me know what the usual manner of doing this is, because i am stumped.
  12. hello! i finally got my r33 gtr, and the first thing i would like to do is a fluid change. i was doing a little research and was wondering if anyone has tried using the cusco lsd oil? the fluids meet the gl5 80-90 spec, so i am assuming it should work. i've had good experiences with cusco in the past, but wondered if anyone here had tried this specific fluid, and if so, what was the experience like? cheers!
  13. in the event that anyone in the future is looking to replace the caliper pistons, i found them for sale from one site. they have the rear caliper pistons, the front upper caliper pistons, and the front lower caliper pistons. no specs are given on the page for these pistons.
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