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  1. Recently defected and had an accident, looking for the following parts to get her back on the road. -front bumper bar cover/front bar. Could be stock or aftermarket. If you know where I can order a nice front bar from please let me know, I've been googling and can't seem to find much out there. -front reo - seat belt (for drivers side, not sure if the side matters, they could be interchangeable?, must not be frayed) - plastic wheel arches - front fog/indicator lights (that sit within the front bar) - k-frame/front subframe - a set of stock Stagea or Nissan wheels. - fan, just the fan the hub is ok. I've been calling multiple dealers and wreckers here in SA to find parts so if you dont have the part for sale but know where I might be able to buy a new part from please let me know, thank you!
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