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  1. Hey all, just finished installing a set of second hand 270cc injectors from another RB20 I have, I installed a walbro 460 and a Turbosmart FPR1200 (Fuel pressure Regulator) and I’ve noticed on the gauge as soon as I turn the car off the fuel pressure drops to 0. my car is an R32 gtst rb20det. I’ve been reading through some forums and getting mixed replies, is this normal? People are saying not to worry, and that it’s just returning to the tank, but I thought I’d ask here anyway. Fuel pressure is set correctly, it’s set in the right spot and there’s no fuel leaks, it primes and holds pressure and starts fine and holds pressure fine when running, but when engine is off it goes to 0. any thoughts? Should I not worry?
  2. All fixed guys, so I had a spare set of injectors from another rb20 and put a walbro 460 in with a TS FPR1200 and set the fuel pressure and it runs completely fine now :) just wasn’t getting enough fuel it seems, my bad. thanks guys
  3. Yeah using the 20det ecu and according to a forum thread I read the 20det and s1 25det AFM is the same
  4. Hey all, I’ve tried searching forums and can’t find exactly what’s happening to me so I thought I’d make a new post, forgive me if this is the wrong area, but I do need an opinion. I’ll start by setting up the picture, so I bought an NA r32 about 5 years ago, it IS factory RB20DET however the previous owner had an expensive set up previously I believe so he removed the turbo parts including manifold turbo etc etc and put NA parts on the turbo motor, so just straight headers and some chunky welded exhaust with an NA computer and HORRIBLE wiring harness (chopped and spliced everywhere). So about 2 weeks ago I had enough of not being able to keep up with literally anything as it would run horribly, and converted it to turbo, I just finished it today, I used some parts from the various RB25det’s and parts I have laying around since I’ve had a couple skylines, so I’ve changed the following -RB25DET turbo - New lines - RB20det ECU (second hand) - new wiring harness - front mount intercooler - I fabricated my own intercooler piping (no leaks) - rb25 AFM ( I have the original 20 AFM as well) - new radiator and new exhaust system and dump pipe. After putting it all together today, it won’t idle, now it could be because I’m super tired and been welding and just can’t think properly and I may be missing something but I need an opinion, if I unplug the AFM it’ll run, but idle at around 2000RPM and just sit there and if I go to rev it, it’ll just bog down, if I unplug the TPS (with AFM plugged in) it’ll start run on 1000 for 2 seconds and then die slowly and turn off. If you guys need any more info just ask, I have some ideas but I’d like to see what you RB experts have to think about it. Any help will be appreciated.
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