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  1. Hi! I'll get pictures uploaded shortly. It's definitely a .87ar, T2 flanged manifold, very short and stout the rear turbine housing is. The only thing that sucks, is that the tag in the CHRA is missing, but everything I've found as far as Comp housing and such match to a 56GT 3037S (Gt30r). I'll try to dig up the thread where someone had this same issue, I have an external wastegate so it is a bit harder to find, and hoping that someone can machine the housing to fit properly.
  2. Hey guys! So long story short, I have an RB25 with a fair amount of work done, It's been running a GT3037S (From what I can tell). It's housed in a .87ar, T28(?) I believe, well.. my problem is, the manifold I had, cracked, thrice. Welded it up, cracked again. So I'm on a mission to utilize my T3 Exhaust manifold. I'm really hoping Discopotato chimes in As I've seen him of great help on the countless threads I've read tonight, specifically with a T3 housing that had fitment issues on a supposed GT30 turbo some time ago. Does anyone have the inducer/exducer size that would match the 56T version of the 3037? I know I'll have to buy a housing and machine it to fit the turbine.
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