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  1. Put a camera down the cylinders today. Looks good. Can see the Nitto logo on top of the piston. Off to the tune shop this week so they can have a look at it and do a base tune.
  2. $42k seems like a steal! Maybe i should buy a few and sell them in OZ for $60K. I'll be rich before you know it!
  3. At 45k no surprise. Seems Cheap. I was trying to get one imported but you need a min of $70k. The American import doors have opened and pushed the prices right up. Got the car started today. 😀 Gearbox or clutch is cooked😏. Put a stock ECU in so not running too nice. This car seems to be setup for drag. Took the covers off to have a look and was happy to see some HKS cams and APR studs. Was hoping for a stroker kit given the size of the turbo (GTX45xx) but seems stock at a 74mm stroke. Assuming just forged. Looks like the motors coming out!
  4. Me too. Engine turns and comp is good. fingers crossed.
  5. Hey All, Ive bought this 1995 R33 GTR from NSW at auction and wondering if anyone knows any history on this car and more so the motor? Haven't got it started yet as its missing the computer, but seems to have a fairly built motor. Cars in pretty good condition but the paints faded. Think of doing a colour change.....thoughts?
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