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  1. Looking to buy brackets that support the radio and AC controller in the dash of an R32 skyline, preferably in SE QLD but can pay postage. Not sure if gtr and gtst are different but my gtst is set up to have radio on the bottom, AC controller above that and a triple gauge holder at the top same as how GTRs come (previously had a set of gtr triple gauges in there). Any help appreciated, can't seem to find what I'm looking for on the net but partly because I don't entirely know what I need 🙈 (before people decide to go off in the comments section lol 🙄)
  2. Thanks for the advice. Like I said I hadn't heard all that much about them.
  3. I'm not disagreeing lol it's a street car so I want drivability, hence my search for a good intake that doesn't have tiny runners. There's always gonna be *some* sacrifice. But I'm not chasing massive power so it should be still good to drive, for huge power I'd look for an rb25det.
  4. Yeah plazmaman def seems to be the go, I was hoping to see if they had a good competitor for performance that just looked better hahah. But options are just a bit more limited on an Rb20det, without sacrificing what little it has low down lol
  5. Thanks for the input I'll have to look into it, but def need runners to be a lot longer than that lol
  6. Not keeping stock, for a few reasons like I said. I do intend to keep the runners as long as I can to not lose so much low down torque. Aside from short runners causing the curve to be higher in the rev range, therefore sacrificing low down, a forward facing is not going backwards. It's also getting a 6boost manifold and a Garrett turbo lol so those are in the plans
  7. Thanks for the comments so far. Anyone else have experience with different intakes? Seems to be a case of either buy plazmaman/greddy or some ebay junk (or fancy name ebay junk with their own website) lol It's for an Rb20det btw
  8. That's interesting as I haven't heard bad things about otaku intakes yet, but I haven't heard much about them either. And yea def don't want to sacrifice too much low down, I've got an Rb20det after all haha
  9. Can't find a thread on this so decided I'll make one to hear opinions. Just want to get some opinions on the different intake manifold options for RB's, particularly if you have actually seen or experienced the ones you're going to mention. Has anyone used the Otaku Garage ones, NPBoosted etc? Reputable or just look the part? And yes I'm aware plazmaman is great, just want to see all the options and what's out there, because mostly I see people run either plazmaman or cheap ebay lol but surely there are more? Also have a number of my own reasons for running an ffp, for anyone who's gonna tell me to stay stock. Aesthetics is certainly one, which is why I'm not actually too fond of plazmaman haha So leave your opinions and reviews below.
  10. I didn't realise it was believed the Japanese were so much grubbyer than Australians 😂 Also with regards to material, I like old school interiors in old school cars lol I don't want modern custom in an 89 skyline 🙈 just my preference
  11. I'd definitely consider retrimming if I can find the right material, but that could turn out to be as much a mission as finding these rear seats 🙈 As for the fronts I still don't know if I'll run buckets or oem so I'm not too pushed on getting them, plus I can use coupe ones so they'll be relatively easy to find. Might be worth seeing if they can be sourced from Japan...
  12. Yeah I've seen most the coupes seem to have the same or similar interior but unfortunately rears won't fit mine. Here's what my 1989 Sedan came with compared to what i want (the darker version, images found on google) The only info I can ascertain from the Google pics is that both cars in the photos with dark interiors were 1992 models, and at least one was a Type M So yea if anyone knows how to get a hold of these I'd appreciate it
  13. Just wondering if anyone has info and pics on interior colour options / trim levels on R32 GTS-T Skylines, 4-Door? Can't seem to find anything on the Web about which ones came with what interior And the reason I ask is I have a 1989 R32 Sedan with the greyish/browny interior and would be keen to change it eventually to the much cleaner looking dark grey/black interior that I have seen in some sedans. Rear seats and door cards (but mostly the seats) are the main thing, as any front seats can work and carpets and mats are easy find new, so can these be found somewhere reliably 2nd hand or even new? And what models came with this, is it a type m interior? Later model R32? Would make it easier to find what I'm looking for if I knew more about it, so thanks in advance for any answers and information
  14. Yea I'm aware buddy thanks, just trying to see if I can source a good second hand one before paying $250 for something that small
  15. Didn't spot this one, I'll hit him up. Cheers 🤙
  16. $250 seems a bit steep for a vent 🙈😂
  17. As title says, looking for a centre dash vent for R32 skyline, preferably in Brisbane / Sunny coast area
  18. Yeah I know I know I learned the hard way hahah live and learn I guess, delighted with the fans I currently have installed and the blitz rad at least 👌 ..and yea I keep getting their ads everywhere on the net too which is annoying, I don't want that junk 😂😂
  19. I wasn't on any forums until this one recently 😂 and they're well reviewed for the most part, until you start looking harder to find the bad reviews. But live and learn I guess, won't make that mistake again. It's the customer service that was even worse tbh
  20. All good yeah that's why I figured I'd ask. I have receipts and all from Mishimoto for almost $1000 worth of parts, and pictures of the poor quality and simply not fitting. If you decide to make such a section let me know. In the meantime anyone who is thinking of purchasing mishimoto feel free to ask for the pictures and story of my experience with them and I'd be glad to send them to you, as I wouldn't so much as buy an air freshener off them anymore 😂
  21. So I'm just wondering if there's a specific place on this forum for people to post up their reviews or experiences buying car parts or their dealings with particular companies, good or bad? Have bought some pretty horrendous quality parts from a pretty big company before and would be happy to share all the pictures and the full story for anyone considering parts any upgrades from said company
  22. It's currently running no bov whatsoever, and I don't want the extra stress on my turbo 🙈
  23. New to this site, thought I'd introduce myself, an Irishman living in the Brisbane area, and my car which is a 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T Sedan, bought a few months ago as a pretty straight example but not a massive amount of mods. Plenty of plans for it in future but will be upgrading it slowly over time. Bought it with a RB20det and 5sp Manual, not heaps done to it but it has an Rb25 turbo, Front Mount Intercooler, Apexi Coilovers, and 300zx Wheels. Since buying it I've put in a Blitz triple core radiator, and Fenix twin 12" thermo fans after a lot of headache with the junk mishimoto sold me (would not recommend in the slightest). Hopefully soon change the wheels and add a BOV are the next items on the list. Thanks for looking 👌
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