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  1. Thanks bro! at the moment im decently satisfied with how the car is, but soon hopefully thinking of some adjustable coils and lower it a bit more. Possibly a set of period correct 114.3 x 4 wheels for a sexy 80s era look. Clean up the engine bay hopefully, put in a new aluminium radiator and all that other stuff to make it look less crowded and more shiny. Want to keep the interior and exterior looking as stock as possible, no fancy body kits and probably stock steering wheel, seats etc. Love seeing 31 turbo builds man keep up the great work legend!
  2. Hey man its been a very long time since i've been on the thread sorry man. Really good to see your car getting along, sounds like a lot of effort and love has been put into it. Currently my car is regoed in victoria as a non turbo from before the conversion lol, so that front mount might cause a bit of suspicion. All the work to the motor was carried out by rajab racing down here in melb, and its a bloody ripper of an engine. Has the beautiful iconic turbo dose. Still currently running the factory 5 speed gearbox so we'll see how long that holds up. Currently only making about 140kw on pretty low boost, once a stronger gearbox and possibly internals are bought and installed im hoping for around the 200-250kw mark. Car goes hard for what it is, extremely fun to drive. Here are some photos, will post some more exterior and interior ones soon if you like. Only exterior change is installed black ti wheels because they look much better than the silo wheels on the white car.
  3. Nice job man! Really sounds like a plan. Ive just turboed my r31 silo and plan to chuck a rb25 box just like your doin, decent strong box for 200kw 😁. Next step for me is getting it road legal, need engineers cert here in vic, lucky in qld you can just grab a mod plate. keen to see more pics or an update on progress of the 31 on its way back to street legal!
  4. Yeah i hadn't done my research before i installed the parts, I figured install everything, pass the emissions and get an engineers cert. It's still possible to get the cert right? In no rush at all anyway car isnt gonna be on the road for the next probably 1-2 years. Any idea on how much its all gonna cost to get the car fully legal on the road? I was thinkin maybe around 3-5k hopefully
  5. https://otakugarage.com.au/product/nissan-skyline-r31-85-87-dgr-high-performance-coilovers/ pretty sure these bolt straight onto the r31 don't they? They suit the stock 2 stud bolts on the front end so no need to drill another hole for s13 front end, planning to install these on my r31 once the money comes in
  6. Hi all, Currently I have just installed a turbo and supporting mods on my r31 silhouette which will in future become my daily driver. I am now just wondering the best possible way to get it legally on the road, it is currently registered. I've been doing some research about engineer certificates and a VASS certificate (I'm in Victoria) and just want to know if most of the modifications I have put in will pass the test. Currently it is running a top mount turbo, front mount intercooler, billet fuel rail with 1200cc injectors (stock intake manifold) and all the small little supporting mods. Also planning to install coilovers soon. It will be greatly appreciated if anyone can share their knowledge or experiences with similar situations and the legality of the mods i have carried out. Huge thanks!
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