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  1. Just installed the torque solutions short shifter, feels great but there is now a loud rattle and noise when accelerating. It had a rattle before as well but that was solvable by pulling on the knob. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
  2. Gday, just went to the dealer to ask what oil to use and they recommended for the trans vmx 80 and for the LSD ls 90. Does this sound right? I've done a quick google and it seems most people use the redline stuff. Just wanted some input. Thanks.
  3. Sure did - window not mirror! Just tried that and nothing. Everywhere I look they talk about a reset switch, but no luck on finding mine.
  4. Hi, I just got my '03 coupe, and there's an issue with the passenger mirror. When I put it up with the auto function, it goes all the way up and then back down 10cm. I heard there was a switch and a reset function, however after taking the door panel off I don't see the switch where it is supposed to be, but instead just a round bit of silver metal. I tried 'pressing' it anyway but no luck. Am I looking in the wrong place for the '03 year or did the JDM model not come with the switch? Thanks.
  5. Thanks mate, reason I asked was because couldn't really find much info on them through google (unlike the metra ones for example), I'll see if I can get the JDM but the convenience of coming with the harnesses for bose etc is hard to overlook.
  6. Gday, just put a deposit on a v35 350gt, and the first thing I want to do with it is install a new radio. I see there is a double din fascia and kit sold by aerpro, however it is quite pricey. Does anyone have experience with these? And is there a better alternative? Thanks.
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