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  1. If I renew my membership, will I still be 0157?
  2. haha, and it has a Nismo 300km/h speedo with white face gauges there And a recaro drivers seat
  3. Here's another interesting one (sold at sports auto group) http://www.sportsautogroup.com.au/nissan/skyline/r34-gtr-vspec-3156 Note the KM's - 41,000 And now it's appeared for sale in Victoria, with only 29,600k on the "original 180kph speedo"
  4. Mr. Oizo

    Hail Damage

    there was nothing in kew, pea sized hail at most
  5. do you have a low profile jack or just a normal one?
  6. What about your dads car, do you think he'd let us use that?
  7. Time, date and day is all flexible Dave, when did you get a GTR? haha
  8. Hi Everyone I need a nice looking R34 GTR or even someone really nice with a new GTR for a bikini carwash photoshoot It'll only take about an hour or two And we can arrange it to be at a carwash close to your area Thanks Tharaka http://www.facebook.com/TharakaPhoto
  9. this was my first try at doing "beauty shot" type stuff, i think i did alright - mainly because of the amazing makeup artist!
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