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  1. Iv finnaly fixed mine after a year. Soldered 12v feed, neutral and signal directly to tacho. I bypassed the screw contacts basically. Good as gold. 🤟
  2. Where does this r33 fit in? its a mirror image. https://en.wheelsage.org/nissan/skyline/r33/44527/pictures/516592 Sorry if this is all stupid questions for this thread but i cant find answers. Makes sense the dealer fitting different stereo, I didn't think about that.
  3. Yes thanks.. Im however focusing on the no radio option.
  4. Why did skylines come off the line without stereos?
  5. It came with hicas, passenger airbag and no sterio just to fix that mistake up.
  6. Iv got a 1996 R33 gts25t series 2 type m that was released off the factory without a stereo, front passenger airbag and hicas. Duno if that's rare i cant find good info on it.
  7. I forgot to mention it was infect a females car named tarsha, idk it was badged on the back. it was all girly with pink everywhere. it also had a powercruze sticker on the back window lol idk. did people do low cr builds back like 10 years ago?
  8. hmm, its running 10psi atm, iv blown 2 turbos so far going any higher on the stock ones. Im still confused why the compression dropped 20psi just from warming up, and even more so why its 120psi hot and cold a year later. wouldnt it drop down to say 100psi once warmed up if its worn that much in the time iv owned it. if compression should be around 160-170+ and i have 120, shouldnt there be quite abit of blowby? I forgot to take the crank case vent valve out of the manifold to get a true reading of how much blowby there is, i dc that. i took the catch can hose out and you can bearly notice air coming out, you have to squeeze the hose end and then its enough to feel like a gentle flow of air. 0 smoke. same if you give it a rev. iv used the same comp tester for years to eliminate getting different readings.
  9. hot test was 120 all 6. readings have changed since last year
  10. cold wet test 135 135 140 135 145 135 Cold dry test 117.5 120 117.5 120 120 120 will do a hot test shortely
  11. No i've just set up at a new house with an actual garage so ill check tomorrow
  12. Mine did the same and turned out the ecu was dead, a capacitor was fried for no6. think it was cause the battery was earthed with a little screw.
  13. So i brought this car a year ago with 250k on it with a blown ECU and a tight cam belt, Fixed that and is was a new car again. The problem has been that the compression cold is 140psi throughout the 6 and once hot they all drop evenly 20psi down to 120psi throughout the 6. its been like that for a year now and hasn't changed. it doesn't use oil really and doesn't fill up the catch can. the k&n filter on the catch can looks abit oily however. There's no noticeable blow by just a puff of white smoke out the catch can when you give it a hard rev. I haven't done a leakdown test yet I've been putting it off. my question is what causes compression to drop like that? i have no information on the history besides it was owned my crackheads and it sat dormant for possibly more then 5 years. the motor looks super clean for how many km's it has and how trashed the suspension is. the car runs perfect but i can feel the 20psi loss as the car warms up. i was thinking someone put a thicker head gasket on to drop the cr but that still doesn't answer the compression drop. its suppose to rise isn't it lol. I've asked many mechanics and they cant explain it. Hope someone can help! Thanks.
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