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  1. I do appreciate the help, I just can't afford to buy a whole new engine if I go with a handful of people that say blast 50million psi through it. I've done some googling but again it's all very different for everyone and I'm not someone to flog the engine, it gets me to / from work and cruising through town on the weekends.
  2. Im not after a specific number im just after a generally safe area where the internals won't be under so much pressure they break but also has some go if I wanted to put the foot down, I know it can make 400 but im not sure if 400 is safe because de comp is so high. I have the supporting power parts but if my internals can't do more than 350 on 10psi reliably then I don't know what I can put through it. Some people have said it'll do 400 on 20psi while others have said no more than 230 on 7psi. I never thrash my car as to me it's way too precious to me lol. I've just always had a large margin between what people say is good for it, that's why im hoping someone who has done it before would be able to tell me what I can and can't do with it cause I'm still learning all this sort of stuff and need a bit of help.
  3. Im in QLD Australia, the previous owner of the kit only ran it on e85 and it would still be my daily, ive just heard so many different numbers thrown around that I really don't know how far to go with a tune without blowing something up, I know I have the parts capable of pushing 400+ but I'm not sure if the internals could keep up with it.
  4. Hey all, just doing a +t conversion to my 25de R34 coupe. Just hoping someone might be able to help me out with what sort of kw/psi I would be able to push through the de without sending a rod to the moon. I got a pretty stock kit off a DET with a few upgraded bits. - All factory piping, intercooler, fuel rail, intake mani and throttle body, exhaust mani, 3" dump through to xforce exhaust. - High-flowed factory turbo (20psi) - Bosch 1000cc injectors - Apexi FC with controller I know a det can push 500rwhp without upgrading internals but cause of higher comp in the DE I don't know what I should be pushing out of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I would still like to daily it but have a fair bit of go if I put the foot down. Thankyou all
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