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  1. Ahh ok so maybe 30k is a more realistic budget ?? How fresh of an engine could I expect for a 7k 2JZ?
  2. I’m up on the Gold Coast. Ahah didn’t think it would be that much - might wrap it if it’s any cheaper. Priority #1 though is definitely power
  3. I’ve got an 25GT R34 and I’m planning on engine swapping and manual converting it in due time as well as respraying, adding body kits and some other upgrades. Only problem is I’m not at all experienced in building or working on cars and am wondering where I should start and what engines/boxes I would be best to get my hands on. I know nismo heritage have started to manufacture RB26DETT’s again although they’re quite expensive for all the parts (block and head alone are 7.5k) . I’ve also heard 2JZ engines are super reliable and can produce a lot of power however are probably hard to get a hold of. Budget for this project is around 20k. Thanks
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