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  1. Yea would look at newer models. I want one in black but really hard to find any of these cars now. Hardly any used cars out there like there used to be prior to covid.
  2. In Sydney I’ve found two auto skyline 370 GTS. Both have over 100 kms, I’ll do a history check. Any ideas how much these are worth roughly? I’ll be keen to do some cosmetic mods as well. Anyone know of any good specialist in NSW? Thanks for the help guys.
  3. How come the steering wheel even has the infiniti badge on this one?
  4. Wow glad i posted this. So how much would a 2007/8 370gts Skyline on average be worth now? I saw another one with the actual skyline badge for 17k, it had a few mods - exhaust system, tinted windows, dyno tune. The one with the infiniti badge i was looking at has the side and reverse camera, proximity fob, and the standard electric seats etc. I do love how they come with performance and luxury. I would use Japanese history checker if it was worth getting one.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Its 5AT and a G37S. Are they exactly the same as the 370Gt skylines inside and out? I have also seen a 370gt Skyline 2007 for sale. Would there be any differences apart from the badge?
  6. Hi Guys, I am thinking of buying a nice 2008 infiniti G37 with 108,000kms on the clock here in Sydney. Its in great condition. Any ideas roughly what these are worth now on average? Struggling to find the right info and comparison as theres not many kicking about here. Thanks!
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