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  1. Shit I didn’t realize we were that close to Christmas!! ok maybe by February. I have a goal of when i would like it to be running by, I just have to wait and see if I can actually make it happen
  2. Yeah they do, they did the whole lot start to finish
  3. Custom pistons have been ordered and should be 6-8 weeks away, hopefully have an engine before Xmas
  4. We have always had defects and etc but the fines the epa are handing out in America are well above anything we’ve ever experienced
  5. I used hi octane coatings and then they were coated using clear ceramic coating to stop them from looking shit again
  6. Had a bunch of stuff hydroblasted to make it look fresh when the engine goes back together heres before and after
  7. I tried to buy all new brake lines for the abs pump and only 3 are available, thinking I might get a set made up
  8. Bolts are at the electroplater and once I’ve got them back I can hook into reassembly
  9. It looks a like so much work and after the bay is painted it all seems worth it, it’s surprising how quick it can go back together (I’m just waiting on the bolts at the electroplater)
  10. And that’s when you say the new 4wd she buys herself will be very safe
  11. Yeah it’s the gktech one, the sleeves fit really well and fits onto the rack well. Haven’t put the suspension in yet awesome I tracked it at one point and it hadn’t moved and was going to head down and start asking what the hell
  12. decided a 30yr old piece of rubber wasn’t the best thing to have holding my steering shaft together and bought this billet one lucky I did as well, those cracks obviously aren’t a good thing few more things in the bay, with lockdown finishing on Monday I’m hoping to be able to get a few more things so I can move forward
  13. You haven’t been around these Japanese junk parts for long enough then
  14. I’m spewing they brought out the billet casing one less then a year after I bought mine 😡
  15. First thing i would check is the oil level in the boot, then I’d bleed the 4wd system
  16. Looking good, we might even have them both on the road for gtr fest
  17. and then I fitted the entire dash back in the car
  18. i bought a new lens for the dash just because the old was starting to look cloudy it’s amazing how the little things make a big difference some times
  19. I also need our release date to hurry up and get here because the electroplating company isn’t doing car stuff until lockdown finishes
  20. I just figured it was now or never and am doing everything that needs to be done,
  21. Thanks, I’m not risking anything with the amount of money and time that it took
  22. covered the bay in blankets so that when I’m putting it back together I can avoid chipping the paint
  23. I thought so, those baffles are a long way up in the cover and found it very hard to believe anyone makes a cam with enough lift to touch them
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