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  1. Anyone ? just need it for 5min can come around and will shout a 6y
  2. Hey guys, hope everyone is a having a good weekend. Wonderful if I can borrow Hicas cu unit from someone around brissy area before I buy one. Trying to fix some hicas related issues. Will treat like a new born, just need to hook up to the factory plugs nothing dodgy. TIA
  3. Does the 32 compressor bolts straight in on a 25det ? or made need to make your own bracket ?
  4. Was thinking of doing that, how did ya line the power steering then ?
  5. Its a rb25det s2, so thinking of getting the compressor for which came on it originally, lining up things shouldn’t be a problem in that case. Which I am more curious about are the lines. will I need lines out of 32 or 33, I know it be different fitting here and there, but someone who has already gone through all this would be bonus. @GTSBoy please correct if wrong, all the things mentioned below are I figured will be needed as they are currently non existent. r32 line from drier to condenser 1 ) Line from condenser to compressor? ( I believe fitting on condenser should be r32 ones and compressor side might be different) 2) Line from compressor to dash cooling unit ( same as above I think mix and match?) 3) Line from condenser to dash cooling unit I am not 100% sure how exactly lines are on 32s, I am referring to the attached diagram. Just want to suss out as much possible on my end, Eventually will be taking her to a ac shop to get it all going, but getting them to do all those fitting will land me to second job. Appreciate your input.
  6. I am in process of refitting the aircon in my 32 With rb25 in it, swap was done by previous owner. So heating and cooling lines have completely been deleted including compressor, I am aware that I need a rb25 compressor but what about the lines for both heating and cooling and wiring ? Really appreciate any help, before I go to a ac place. thanks
  7. So to have my heater running, I just need a feed and return lines from from the motor is that right ? And if I am not wrong both those plugs are on same location on both rb20 and rb25 ?
  8. Hey mate @GTSBoy, so with the mines ecu. It had o2 sensor deleted. Will I need to wire in the o2 sensor when I put in the oe ecu ? are s1 and s2 auto/manual ecu all the same ? thanks
  9. Sorry for replying after ages mate, somehow didn’t get a notification for it or missed it, anyhow. located in brisbane, new to skylines/rbs. Therefore looking for one decent place to go to for all sort things. thanks though man
  10. Which heater hose I need to get my heater running, r32 or r33 ? Or any ? Or make my own ? Also if anyone retained there Aircon In 32 with rb25 swapped what exactly need done , other than rb25 compressor? Currently has all deleted no lines or compressor for Aircon and heater. TIA
  11. Good day everyone. First of all I am total noob, so bit elaborated answers are much appreciated. I have a 32 with a rb25 and mines ecu, which is lumpy on idle and isn’t responsive either. On my research about that mines ecu, all that I read was to throw it in the bin. Anyhow I currently don’t have $ to spend on a aftermarket ecu of any kind. Can I just put in a oe rb25 s2 ecu for now, or even that will need to be looked by a proo. Not looking any power gains or whatsoever just want it running healthy, as will be used as a daily for a while. Mods it currently have, Front facing intake, pod filter, big mofo intercooler. Everything else is stock rb25. TIA
  12. Looking for a r32 headliner sunroof model, not too fuzzy about condition as long as it not ripped into two. doesn’t matter the location, will pay for shipping. would be good if can come with wiring harness and all other stuff on ceiling (roof lamps, grab handles, etc )
  13. Wiring behind the stalk itself was played around, everthing works how it should now, thanks guys, @Adam91 Yet to try the bridge, but seems pretty simple looking at the picture you shared ✌🏼
  14. @Adam91Thanks man, that’s exactly what I was thinking of doing for the low beams, Also have you bridged it to have them both on same time ? Anyhow just discovered another problem regarding which I started the thread, So what is the neutral position for the high beams on the stalk ? I think mine is bit noodled up, central position turns high beam on front turns off and have no flash on complete inward spring position. Can someone confirm what positions is turn on off on theirs please.
  15. Yep, if that’s the issue. Will definitely replace it with new one. really appreciate it man, got all answers I was looking for ✌🏼
  16. Appreciate it man, I think most probably that brown relay is blown in my case will check anyhow. I just remember it making continued weird noises when I first started working on but did care at that time. quick question- Does the low beam go of with the flash function (stalk back) aswell ? Just curious before work on her again. thanks
  17. G’day High beams comes on with stalk moved forward to permanently on but won’t work on flash ( inward stalk spring movement ). does anyone know what it could be ? I have tried cleaning the stalk, is there a separate relay for this, perhaps fuse ? Also are low beams supposed to go off when stalk is in forward position for highs to stay on ?
  18. @GTSBoy thanks man, new to using all this. can you please have a look at the wiring manual for me. I have tried my best couldn’t find it, would have been easier if I had a pc, it’s terrible on the phone.
  19. Will do, thanks. Do you know from memory which of these two plug (red marker) is for reverse switch ? also what is other one for ?
  20. Yea man tried looking into it, couldn’t figure out still. Only transmission wiring I found in that manual is the neutral switch and speedo. If you know the page no. For whole transmission wiring, that be great. Still don’t think it’be same for 20det box
  21. Reverse light are not even hooked up at the gearbox connector, and I don’t see any wiring at all,that indicate they could be for reverse light. Which could have been deleted from previous owner. Researching through online, Figured out the reverse light wiring is part of this unwrapped harness in the photo. Does anyone know which one are they ? Also once I know the wires how should I proceed connecting them to the box ? TIA
  22. R32 gtst half shaft needed in any condition, (photo) need this out of it - inner cv joint cage
  23. Hope all you guys are doing great, since this is a old thread. However I have recently bought a skyline and looking for a place to go for stuff. Clearly I would want to go to richard reading all these reviews of ya all. But unfortunately Allstar tuning and performance shows permanently closed on google. HELP !!!
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