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  1. Thought that might of been the case as well. But thinking it was still boosting wouldn't of been the case. Ill get it checked out thanks
  2. Hey Guys, I have owned this skyline for just going on 2 years, the original owner has modified the vehicle and I'm not exactly sure which mods they have done to it. Was powering up a hill one day when something popped. Not exactly sure yet what it was. Ever since, not getting the correct air intake (My thoughts). Will hit 15psi but car wont move as quick as it used too. When accelerating up a hill. boost wont kick it, i need to drop from 5th gear to 3rd gear to be able to move the car (110km/hr) with abit of boost kicking in but blowing alot of black smoke out the back. Could the be Air intake? as it's not getting the right mixture and running extremely rich? Any solutions or idea's to fixing this ? Thanks in advance
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