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  1. Hi All, Been wondering what things I can upgrade/modify on my 32 GTR. It's stock right now so if you would like to part with anything for an r32, please let me know. Could be anything from cup-holders to fujimura wings, I'm not too picky. Thanks
  2. Hi All, This is probably a really stupid question but what are the current regulations on custom lights on cars. With JDM cars in particular, I have seen a few kids driving around with lights on civics, miatas etc. to the degree where I seriously question how they haven't been pulled over yet. For something much more minor like zLEDS on gtrs, is there any regulation that deems this modifications as illegal? Can't lie, the nismo-effect tail lights look good, which is why I am asking to begin with. All help appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi All, I was after some racing seats for my R32 GTR. Not too picky about the brand (Recaro, Bride, Sparco etc.) and has to be in reasonable condition. Would prefer rails specific for a 32 gtr but can source them separately if you have rails for a different car. Currently got the stock seats bolted so the Nismo seat cover if any are available, I also would consider. Thanks
  4. Looking to buy a set of BBS LMs for an R32 GTR. Preferably in silver but I'll consider other colours as well. Cheers
  5. Hi, Does anyone have a good recommendation for an alarm system to install on a 32 GTR? I had a look around and had my eye on a viper system but am unsure of which one. The remote start seems like a gimmick but keyless entry and and everything else seems decent. Also with the install, I am pretty handy with this sort of thing so I should be able to install it on my own but is it worth getting it professionally installed to save time? I am also considering other measures such as a bollard but would like a decent alarm system as well. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  6. Hi, The engine bay of my 32 GTR always had this dull and dirt-like colour to it since I bought it. I shrugged it off but its been a while so I figured its time to fix it. The car is in its factory colour (KL0 - Spark Silver Metallic) but the engine bay looks "dirty" and I have seen on other 32's which are this colour which have a sort of whitish-grey engine bay. I'm pretty sure the car hasn't been resprayed and the VIN matches that of a KL0 car so I think it just needs a clean. If this is the case, how should I best go about it because I don't want to damage the original paint underneath and just clean away the top layer given that's what needs to be done. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  7. Has anyone purchased parts from auctions websites like Yahoo Auctions before? And if so, did you how the process work exactly in terms of shipping etc.? Or is there a company that handles the shipping? Sorry for the string of questions, I am very new to this. Thanks
  8. Hi, I've been on the lookout for some n1 3-piece side-skirts for an r32. They have been very hard to come by so I'm not too concerned with the colour or location. I would prefer an oem plastic pair over a fiberglass replica if possible. The picture is from another pair that was for sale on here a few years back but is exactly what I was after. If the whole set isn't available, I would settle for just the rear piece/s. I can do $200 for the rear pieces and maybe quadruple that for the entire set. Thanks
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