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  1. Ahh okay, it’s been really hard for me to find out for sure what the exact model is but you’ve cleared that up for me now, cheers a bunch man! And yeah actually that sounds like a much better idea, will definitely keep that in mind going into the future!
  2. Thanks man! Okay no worries I’ll add that into my profile but yeah I’m located in Victoria near Melbourne. Is FAST like some sort of website that they have or something? I’ll have to sus that out but the VIN thingy you asked for is ER33-005985. So with the roadworthy, I’ve got to pull the fuel tank out and clean it out because it apparently has fuel that has been sitting there for a while and turned into some sort of slime or something stuck to the bottom of it. I’ve gotta chuck a RHF park light in, either replace or fix a puncture on my RHR wheel. Need to replace front caster bar bushes. And another thing that I have no idea how to fix is the gearshift indicator is sticking, it shows up fine on the dash but next to the shifter if I move it down it stays on the one above (Say if I had it in reverse and pulled it down without pushing the button in, it will go into neutral but not show that it’s in neutral. And if I push down the button on the shifter it will go into reverse but show that it’s in neutral.) the glue is torn in the boot seal, and I need to fix a rust hole in the boot floor. I recently had it in the auto elec too and found that the alternator was stuffed, so I’ve had a brand new one put in and now the battery side of things is all good. And yeah that’s what I’ve been thinking, currently it’s definitely not worth it but things could change in a few years time and I definitely don’t plan on doing it any time soon hahaha.
  3. Hey guys, so I recently purchased a 1993 R33 Skyline GTS series 2, they are n/a and I’m having lots of trouble finding threads and stuff on just information for them. I’m currently working on getting it roadworthy and don’t have much to go, I plan on making it my daily but I also want to do some cool things to it but I know close to nothing about cars. In the future I hope to do a manual and turbo conversion but that won’t be for a few years and by then I could possibly just buy a gtst haha. But any information or help you guys could give would be awesome, I don’t even know exactly what model it is because there is so many from what I can tell on the Internet but as far as I can tell it is an ER33 series 2 gts n/a again thanks for any replies <3
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