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  1. Hey mate a little late but any updates? My oil is the same 2 oil changes after a fresh rebuild. But is running mint, any ideas
  2. Hey all, Recently put a new forged rb20det in my 32 gtst. According to my aem gauge my oil pressure is 16psi hot idle, 57psi hot redline (7k rpm). 70psi cold idle and goes up to 100 psi cold revving. I’m using penrite 10w50 full synthetic oil. I’m happy with the idle pressures however hot redline pressure seems low at 7000rpm since it’s 57psi. The factory service manual states 56 psi at 6000rpm however since mine revs to 7000rpm I feel like it should climb more but it doesn’t. I’ve spent too much money on this already and would hate to stuff it up due to oil pressure. Oil Pump is a factory pump. Can anyone ease my mind or give me advice if it’s safe to beat on with my described pressures. Done research on Facebook and everyone’s oil pressures are all different. Some people are saying it’s ok, some are saying it’s too low since they get 70-80psi at redline. Really confused and want this solved. Keep in mind no head drain or restrictors either. Cheers!
  3. Hey all, Before I run my bank account dry on a new haltech or link plug and play ecu for my forged rb20det r32 was wondering if anyone out there has one for sale for a half decent price (second hand) Located in Brissy, QLD. Cheers all.
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