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  1. 3 hours ago, Duncan said:

    surely they aren't just lying around...time for a custom flywheel.

    BTW, care to share what a os giken rb30 is worth?

    OS Giken are still in business & turning out clutches as well as the rb30 kit so hopefully if I can get hold of the part number I may get somewhere.. ive emailed os Giken in the USA & in Japan but haven’t heard anything back yet and I’m not sure I will do. If I know the part number I need it makes life a little easier and I may be able to source one through nengun or similar. 

    As for your second question, I guess it depends - off the shelf they’re like $13k US but I’ve heard significant discounts are available over retail and nobody really pays full price… dunno how true that is, but it’s really not worth that much tbh when you consider the new price of a regular RB28 kit. I paid $4k US for mine, but not in perfect condition and with pieces missing. I had to have the crank reground + new bearings and also the ****head that stripped the engine did not know that the cam pulleys & flywheel were specific to the kit. So now some other poor guys probably have cam pulleys and a flywheel that are basically paperweights without the RB30 crank to go with lol. I just had a new crank pulley machined from 4340 with the same number of teeth as the stock so now I can just use cam pulleys from whoever (the OS Giken crank pulley is 1 tooth less than OE, or one tooth more that OE if you order the kit that is compatible with HKS Valcon, lol…)


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  2. I need help sourcing a flywheel that will fit the special 8 bolt crank on the OS Giken RB30, bought the engine 2nd hand and the flywheel was missing. I have an OS Giken quad plate now that is in good condition however obviously the flywheel is wrong, so if anybody knows where I can source a flywheel to suit or even has a part number that would be awesome. Alternatively I’m happy to buy an entire clutch if necessary as I guess it’s good to have the spares on hand anyway. Thanks in advance.

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