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  1. Argh, I do love Skylines...hope the GTT sticks around in 4 years on my opens then...
  2. Kinda sucks the N/A's went up for no real reason...I'm a few years too late
  3. Sounds great but, I'll either be too tempted to take it out or it will be pushed out of the garage by my family at some stage. Although I could buy one 2 years into green ps... r34 cost plus another car. unless I just stick to my corolla hatch🤨
  4. The sedans don't look so bad....might get some cop attention but it seems like a good choice too...thanks for adding another option now I'm confused aha
  5. invisible mods will be going on whatever car I own haha
  6. I was looking at one this morning! Price range is definitely a big pro but yeah, they look worse than my 2006 corolla hatch hehe
  7. Yeah Golf R is probably on the table if I get one for a good price. As long as they sound good I'm not too fussed about speed especially on the P's.
  8. Thanks everyone for the input! didn't expect replies this quick. Will be looking at the Golf R or 86...
  9. Sounds like a plan. The R does look quite nice and 4 doors... Does the turbo go stututu though
  10. I've looked at something like a Golf GTI or R as an option, with 4 seats and all. 86 does sound like a better idea though.
  11. Yeah, I'll have to agree on the aftermarket on the 86. Thanks for the input!
  12. Hey guys, I'm new round here. I'm thinking about buying a car in about 3-6 months these are my options from the research I've done. (20-25K budget and I'm on red P's) 1. A non turbo Skyline. From what I've heard it's not a good idea to turbo it later on. But maybe I can reuse the parts if I get a GTT later on and just swap them in. My concern is also resale value, which r34's seem to be holding on. 2. WRX. Non performance. I don't know how good these will be performance wise but they seem the most liveable. 3. The safest and cheapest option I have is an 86 or BRZ. Probs won't turbo, but I can mod it I guess. Only issue is don't think it's a great car long term and resale is kinda trash from what I've seen. I'm leaning towards the r34, but if anyone has suggestions, would be greatly appreciated!
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