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  1. Thanks for the reply. Guess I'll be buying a machine then.
  2. Geez. After watching the market for close to two years and giving up, i've found that that these only sell if they are: Sedan NA: 15k or less Coupe NA: 20k- 25k Gtt Coupe: 40-50k Gtt Sedan ~30k Any GTT above 50k has never been sold with all I have seen on carsales, autotrader, gumtree, private sellers etc. I've also seen a tuned GTT stated to have above 500 HP on throttle addiction (NSW) go from listed at 72k drop down to 58k and is still listed on their website. So if you sell, you'd be safe a 40k I reckon for a reasonably quick sale.
  3. Hello all! Recently decided to de-badge my old car and tried to make the paint a little better as I plan on selling it soon. First I removed paint transfer from door dings as well as a scuff on the front bumper. I used WD40 and a magic eraser. I then de-badged the entire car with some wire and hairdryer on heat which worked a charm. Used a bit of WD40 to get rid of the glue residue as well, which worked. Both steps left behind some hazing from the WD40 as well as an outline of where the badges had been. I then compound/ polished/waxed the entire car. And although not perfect, I was happy with the results. Now for the problems. After about 2 weeks all the scratches came back. The haze also came back where the scuff marks were. It looks a whole lot worse than before because the paint got darker from the detail and the scratches/haze is more obvious. I went through the whole detail process a second time and it all came back again! I don't know what I'm doing wrong and advice would be much appreciated! Products I used: Meguiar's Polish, Compund and Wax Did everything by hand
  4. Argh, I do love Skylines...hope the GTT sticks around in 4 years on my opens then...
  5. Kinda sucks the N/A's went up for no real reason...I'm a few years too late
  6. Sounds great but, I'll either be too tempted to take it out or it will be pushed out of the garage by my family at some stage. Although I could buy one 2 years into green ps... r34 cost plus another car. unless I just stick to my corolla hatch🤨
  7. The sedans don't look so bad....might get some cop attention but it seems like a good choice too...thanks for adding another option now I'm confused aha
  8. invisible mods will be going on whatever car I own haha
  9. I was looking at one this morning! Price range is definitely a big pro but yeah, they look worse than my 2006 corolla hatch hehe
  10. Yeah Golf R is probably on the table if I get one for a good price. As long as they sound good I'm not too fussed about speed especially on the P's.
  11. Thanks everyone for the input! didn't expect replies this quick. Will be looking at the Golf R or 86...
  12. Sounds like a plan. The R does look quite nice and 4 doors... Does the turbo go stututu though
  13. I've looked at something like a Golf GTI or R as an option, with 4 seats and all. 86 does sound like a better idea though.
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