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  1. Dear All The issue seems to be resolved. Now I would like to conclude the topic. I have successfully identified the Hicas ECU number. All information related to Hicas is correctly described in the PLMS Consult protocol. A clue for solution is to revisit the implicit assumption imposed. Thank you for your supports. Good bye
  2. Hello, again. It is a pity that you cannot see the rear movement, isn't it? My Hicas is still in place with alive.
  3. Hi, I initiate my project when I wish to monitor the engine live data on a handy manner three month ago. I trust that Arduino is a fit to my objective. I currently monitor namely, vss, rpm, coolant temp, battery, btdc, inj. time, throttle, O2, AAC, MAF, A/F, A/Fself, DTC up to 13 data due to 20x4 LCD size restriction. I have also developed two separate Arduino programs designated to the idle adjustment (in which the AAC valve enables to be off by Consult. It is cool rather than the manner to take the connector off physically) as well as the fault code. The project is done. My main system is to utilize Arduino with LCD as the following system diagram. Consult 14 pin connector <-> Inhouse I/F adapter (like the commercial product Nissan-14) <-> Arduino with LCD. An alternative one is Consult 14 pin connector <-> Inhouse I/F adapter <-> USB-TTL adapter(CH340) <-> free software like ecuTalk or Conzult in Windows10. I use Python partially to check status of serial data transmission (Tx,Rx), which is much easier to deal with than Arduino. I have no plan to develop a system based on Python. While Pyhton does not matter os, I use Ubuntu mainly. The other day I browse the R32 service manual, I come across the Hicas diagnostic test. I wish to simulate the test conducted by Consult so as to watch the rear wheel turning actually. This is a present stage to struggle the initialization. I agree with you as well that both ECU need to be initialized. Because the Hicas ECU (wire #5? in trunk) connects to the engine ECU (passenger side) and it finally goes to Consult 14 pin outlet. The engine ECU is initialized first and then followed by the Hicas ECU. I think that both ECU should be on a standby condition concurrently. Once the Hicas ECU is initialized, no any other significant issues on the following events would remain. No. I have no idea on Nistune, etc at all. That's all. How comes in this morning trial?
  4. As far as you can access freely or bringing a couple of beers, it can be defined as the owner. You are lucky.
  5. Thank you for your advice. I will try it. I am sure that the Hicas ECU is ok becasuse a demo version Data Scan I confirmed correctly the Hicas ECU number as 28505-04U60.
  6. You are fourtune. I cannot afford to buy a commercial one. So I have to develop one by myself.
  7. Hello I wish to have any advice on how to access the Hicas ECU of R32 GT-R. I successfully initialized the Engine ECU by sending 0xff 0xff 0xef and then I can read engine parts live data. But I fail to initialize the Hicas ECU. While I try to send 0xff 0xff 0xe4 as the Hicas initialization command which I belive, no response is received from ECU. I try to send 0xff 0xff 0xe4 even twice with no success. The response from the ECU is actually observed as 0x00, 0x00, and nothing after that. Since I think that the initialization command is correct, I have no idea in terms of accessing the Hicas ECU. In the event that the Hicas ECU is successfully initialized, therefore, your advice is highly appreciated. Thank you.
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