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  1. I did look at their Google reviews and I must admit, they were... varied. They also seem to only stock the non wide-body kits which isn't exactly what I am after. I feel that for what I want, I'm happy to pay the extra to import a kit that fits my wants a bit more. As for metal fenders, I would pick some up for a reasonable price, but I feel that the Nismo tax will just be more than what I would value them at. I recently saw a damaged pair going for $2000. Which at this point in my life is too much.
  2. Hi all, I am currently looking into getting a V-spec one or Z-tune style bodykit for my R34 GTT coupe Skyline. I wanted to ask if anyone had any reccomendations for companies or suppliers that they have used and their experiences (positive or negative) as I want to make the best decision possible. I am only looking at kits that offer the GTR widebody look, as opposed to just changing the front and rear bumpers and adding side skirts/pods. I am currently looking at a full car kit from Magna Tuning via their online store. (1916 EUR + postage) and am based in Perth. Cheers
  3. Hi all, I have recently purchased an R34 GTR style rear wing for my GTT, however, the three bolt mounting threads are not inline with the GTT holes that the bonnet currently has. Not even one single bolt lines up unfortunately. My dilemma is that I do not have (despite hours of looking) a measurement for how far the rear of the leg sits off the rear edge of the boot. Naturally, I would sit in a car park outside Coles and just wait for an R34 GTR to drive through, but alas I would die of exposure, thirst or starvation. Would someone be willing and able to take a picture or measure at points 1, with that being measured from the closest point of the leg to the boot edge. I have tried emailing two guys on one of the British groups and they just snubbed me (despite asking others for the same info) and have scoured high and low. I feel that this community is my only hope! Cheers everyone, Chris
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