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  1. I finally figured it out. Well one of the few things I did fixed it. Went for a 30 minute drive and never messed up. I believe it was the fuel pump. I ordered a new one before I took my old one off. The old one was really rusty, and the sock was very dirty. So I cleaned it all up and cleaned the connections on the pump. Decided to throw it back in while I waited for the new one and drove great. I also replaced a fuse in my viper security system that was blown and then I cleaned up the battery terminal. I was just grasping for straws but think it was the fuel pump not getting enough fuel. Thanks for the help.
  2. I forgot I did jump it with a 200 amp battery charger before I got a new battery. Is there wires that might have fried or like a immobilizer that could be causing the issue?
  3. The battery actually had to be replaced because it was no good. It was probably in for about 6 months. It is on a battery tender now.
  4. Nothing out of the ordinary. Well with what I can see on the hand controller. No weird high knock or voltage drops. It will still boost normal but then it does what it has been doing. I will have a new pump in it in a few days. If that doesn't help I think I will look at the connections on the ecu and wires. I will probably check for boost leaks which I don't think I have. Seems like something that resets after the key is turned off and back on. Car has new plugs and injectors. It ran fine for a while then I let it sit in storage for a while and been chasing random little issues.
  5. Hi, I have a problem with my 91 R32 GTR. I usually am able to find answers through old post but I can not find one like this. Car is running an Apexi ECU. When the car is warm about 5-10 minutes of driving it will start not reving and pulling to redline. It is like a rev limiter at like 5500rpm or sometimes 4500rpm. The longer I drive the lower the limit goes under load. If I stop and shut the car off for a few minutes. When I start it back up it will pull to redline like normal. Then few minutes later back to limp mode or something. I have already cleaned and soldered the MAFs. Just cleaned the coils packs and dielectric greased them. I was wondering if anyone else knows where I might look for my issue. When it starts cutting out it does not backfire or cause the car to buck much at all. It is like the car just shuts off. Going to replace the fuel pump soon. After that I am not sure if I should be chasing a bad ground down or what.
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