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  1. Have already gone for the 1.00, i feel it may choke on the .84? Correct me if wrong
  2. @Dose Pipe Sutututu have quite a few posts up, @nsdrty4 on IG
  3. Appreciate the opinions ! Cheers boys follow me on instagram @hattori hanzo and if the 6870 doesnt respond how I want it to im sure a deal could be worked 🤙🏽
  4. Am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction towards some knowledge have a forged rb30 running a built s2 2.5L vct head, valves, springs, porting, 262/272 9.3mm cams, ect was wondering the kind of response im going to see from the 6870, have no real power goal in mind, but am trying to make it as responsive as possible with this sized frame turbo. Am hoping for full boost at around the 4,200rpm mark. Have seen 2.6L achieve full boost at 4.5/600rpm so was thinking with 3L + mild cam + vct it may assist ? Car is street car + the odd drift event. twinscroll twingate 6boost, ts 40mm’s x2, 6870 1.00ar, 1650cc with the option of flexfuel, also dbw so things like antilag can be considered. just after some knowledge, advice and comparisons not here to get roasted 👍🏽 any help is appreciated
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