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  1. Hi skyliners, paid for vic membership ( do i need national membership aswell ? ) on the 24th of Aug via PayPal. as of yet have had nothing come in yet, emailed the other day to [email protected] ( i understand the whole 15 day thing ) so not stressed, just wondering if there was any problems or if i need to do anything else ... Thank-you for your time Chris
  2. sorry for grave digging up a really old thread.... also have a HOATOA HT-9000i unit gps works bluetooth works radio works haven't grounded out the brake wire for movie while driving (too busy driving to be watching movies !) it's been installed for years now, (probably as long as this thread has been around .... ) the gps did stuff up for awhile but after some scouring of the interwebs i did find if you take out the navigation sdcard and delete the save folder it goes back to the initialization menu. updating maps can also be a pain, but can be done , i'm running iGo Primo version 2 on it and while slow initially otherwise seems fine, i'm looking into upgrading the firmware/windows ce on this unit so far to no avail, planning on getting a brand name android unit sometime soon anyway ....
  3. ECR33 1995 owned for 15+ years, still original, well everything when i bought the car, i'm the 1st australian owner, i've replaced the clutch and radiator, aftermarket front bar with an original factory plastic bar ( as with everything skyline OEM 6 weeks ex japan and a small fortune in change, worse now with COVID shipping delays) and air con re-gassed I bought at $18,000 with 53,000 kms on the clock. been my daily on and off for most of those years ( when i didn't let the rego slip) now has 225,000 on the clock , all services done and still going strong. all in all i think the car owes me about $22,000, all of which has been the pleasure of driving it all of these years, no way would i sell it as i think the only appropriate replacement would be a GTR, and there's no way i'm getting that kind of money for what i've got. the was one across the road from me a S2 GTST and a 34 GT around the corner from me, there's an unregistered 34 (dunno which model) outside a shop 5 mins down the road and has been ther for the last 3 years to my knowledge, they're around if you look for them, ( i do ) but they're certainly not common.
  4. ru1s


    oh and i bought the r33 with 52,000 km's on the clock for $18,000 back in 2005, i heard from import trader house that i bought the 33 from a few weeks later, the owner had given my pulsar to his son as a pizza delivery car / runabout ( i had used it for that same at one point ) but the son had ignored basic maintenance and had cracked a water hose and cooked the engine. ( don't ask me how i had traded it in and all the rubbers were in good nick, unless thats just the story the kid told his dad idk, ) but long story short bye bye reebok fast forward to now, the 33 has been a daily driver / work vehicle, and done some interstate trips and now has 240,000 kms on the clock and still going strong. religious oil changes every 5,000 kms, water pump change at 110,000 kms cracked the fibreglass aftermarket front bar ( roadworks with a large drop from fresh tarmac to gravel base ) patched up with fibreglass repair kit, 2 weeks later g/f at the time cracked it again parking the car on concrete sleeper at bunnings car park one day .... veilside frontbar, after about 2 years of that was sick of being so low and projected at the front, got an OEM replacement front plastic bar and was much better. clutch plate and cover change at about 180,000 kms, did brake pads at about the same time radiator hose change at 185,000 kms (due to clutch change lowering the block and stretching old rubber hose is my guess) replaced the radiator core at the same time (cracked plastic inlet pipe , had gone brittle anyway) changed the inline fuel filter around this time to a hi-flow, but after about 5,000kms got sick of the constant whirring of the stock pump trying to keep pressure up and with no noticeable gain and only wear as a result , fitted a OEM filter back in. another water pump change at 200,000 kms around 215,000 kms had a rubber fuel line (between inline filter and rail) spring a leak as i was going into a freeway tunnel ( that was an interesting moment) on my way to a job interview. but at 240,000 and with what i can only only assume is 25 year old hoses and rubbers it's time for a massive birthday overhaul of all the hoses / rubbers / seals / facelift. thinking it's about time to start modding (lightly) so perhaps a full set of braided steel lines / silicone hoses / fresh rubber door seals etc etc before going down the tuning rabbit hole / money pit ... so yeah thats where i'm at, still love the 33, still puts a smile on my face every time i drive it. any thoughts or advice would be greatly apricated. cheers
  5. ru1s


    the pulsar was a white 1990 n13 1.8L reebok sport manual 5dr hatch that i bought 2nd hand for i think $3000 back in 2004, owned by a woman who's husband had done some light modifications to it and had run some circuit days in it, the car was very clean and straight, incredibly zippy off the line, and topped out at 180km/h at the top end of 5th, which i thought was amazing for a little 1.8L N/A. that car was one of my favorite, just bang for buck, economical, and reliable. Power to weight was awesome. was sad when i traded it in, for about 0.5 secs .... because the new love of my life had just opened it's door, turned the ignition on the r33 gts25t , i was sold on the nissan brand from that moment.
  6. Thanks for this guys. seriously 👍 i also have the AR, Infinity, Nissan alongside the A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 folders so if anyone needs to acquire this feel free to drop me a pm.
  7. gear knob gone ? if not i'll be next in line ....
  8. Steering wheel (if airbag type) RHS interior door trim front ashtray leather gear knob (5 spd manual) gearstick leather boot trim handbrake leather boot trim
  9. by dash do you mean the instrument cluster ? if so what condition ?
  10. 5 speed manual gear knob (leather)? ashtray (front centre) if still avail
  11. interested in either, the leather in my r33 gts-t (airbag) wheel is in terrible condition and would like to bring it back to nice.
  12. Just read through the whole history of this car, what an awesome write up 👍 I likewise have a very stock(ish) r33 gts-t ('95 series 1.5) and also not looking at making massive kw's from it. love the footwell lighting and exhaust (mine has a cannon on it and i would very much like to switch to dual twins sometime) the sound is similar when open but amazingly quiet when closed, nice for starting up and getting in and out of my estate, then open it up when i get out on more open roads .... will have to look into that. keep up the good work !
  13. ru1s


    Hi everybody, Long time stalker on this forum, 1st time posting. found lots of helpful info here over the last several years, thought it was about time I signed up to the forums. I have a MY 1995 Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T I bought back in 2005, as I was on "P" plates back then and at the time it was the only (barely) legal power to weight turbo'd skyline i could drive at the time, and it was love at the moment I sat in the drivers seat. I'd not had many cars in my history, a Blue Engine VC Commadore (I was given in payment for a custom PC I built as a freelance computer Tech.) a cleveland 302 v8 ford fairmont XD (swapped for a executive high backed leather office chair) a nissan pulsar 1.8L reebok sport (the first car I bought personally and traded in for the skyline) the Skyline and more recently (another Jap Import) Toyota Landdcruiser Prado 1kz 3.0L Turbo Diesel (Family Wagon) But the skyline holds that special place in my heart when i get in, turn the key, and the smile appears on my face. i hope that's a good enough introduction...
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