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  1. Nevermind My apologies ,,of course I found them right here in this site.... I swear I looked
  2. Three months in and just about every weekend and my surprised look has turned into " well of course!" Feels like every time I take something off, I find something off. Found these wires while removing headlights to try and repair the damaged adjustment brackets. I'm debating the 78works upgrade. Question, Do these cars not have market lights? I found the disconnected daytime running light plugs, extra horn plug, driving lights plug but the other three I cant figure out where the come or go . The two connectors in pic1 and the center connector in pic 2
  3. LS3, but I'm a ol Vette fan. This Nissan JDM thing is new to me,,,but I'm addicted already
  4. @GTSBoy @Duncan Found the issue. The hose on the fuel pump was oversized and had a small split. Still getting a lot of pressure when removing the cap and when fueling the pump shuts as full multiple times. I'm thinking vent line on tank either blocked or pinched
  5. Let me start by saying I do a search before heading here to absorb the massive knowledge here. And thank you for all the help!!! When we turn the key to ignition on, but not start, the pump sounds like a tire thats letting air out. When I remove the gas cap there is a lot of pressure built up. The car also takes three tries to crank it over and you have to have your foot on the gas pedal. The three lines , two on the pump, and the other one that runs to? What is that? Have a good weekend!!!
  6. Spoiler showed up damaged.. Where can I get one? R32 GTR spoiler
  7. Where did you find any weather stripping? I need the foam around the windows, door trim, body trim over the door.
  8. Does anyone know if this spoiler will fit a R32 GTST? I want to make sure the holes line up with the opening in the trunk lid & I cant find the OEM spoiler dimensions anywhere.
  9. Thank you!! This car has been a great project. There's always something to do
  10. Ant tips or things I should look out for when changing out these three? Also is the damper delete just bypassing it? No need to cap anything off? Thanks for all the knowledge and help here.
  11. Thank you Ben. I have already ordered new slave,master and braided hose. I'm starting to realize at 30 years old if it ain't broken now, it will be some day. Pays to just replace it all
  12. Checked the slave cylinder and pushed the rod in, by hand, and pulled back the rubber and it was filled with fluid... Normal?
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