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  1. Hello 👋, I have recently purchased a 2019 R35 GTR ❤️ and am having trouble fueling it. The fuel Pump cuts off constantly, I’ve tried every angle and depth and it just doesn’t work! Makes me feel like an idiot at the petrol station to have this magnificent car that I can’t put petrol in 😖. On researching it seems it’s a known problem with a Nissan Tech sheet fix. I was wondering if anyone had done the fix or worked out another way to fuel their car smoothly. Thankyou 🤗
  2. Thanks for the replies, you’re right, no more GTR’s as we knew them, I tried every dealer in the country to get a new one and all were pre sold. I did find myself a 2019 with 11000k on it so I’m pretty happy with that. Prices are going up on post MY017 models so hopefully They will hold their value well.
  3. Looking for a new 2021 GT-R and have been told there are none available in the country and no more coming. Can anyone confirm that for me please before I go second hand? Or point me in the direction of who to ask? Thankyou.
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