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  1. From some chat my a buddy said these computers the toyota supra guys usully use them on a 2jz. My car is wired up with stock ecu and this ecu they didnt want to touch stock ecu, so i have a full proefi128 harness made by wiring specialists for the stock ecu and for computer. My goal to see if haltech works with the sensorsand ebcs
  2. @PranK nothing special yet just deciding which computer to use Hks super turbo cat back and midpipe Hpi turbo elbows Ptp turbo blankets Pro efi 128 ecu with sensors and ebcs Aus injection 1200cc injectors Radium fuel rail Tomei fpr Walboro 450 lph fuel pump Nubis r34 coil packs Wiring specialties smart coil harness Wiring specialties oem engine harness Hks maf deletes Spec twin disk clutch Cusco catch can Cube short throw
  3. Hey all got a car was wondering is it good run this computer daily? If not im putting it forsale
  4. The silver one is mine getting it road ready
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