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  1. Turns out the photo from online for the mirror switch was NOT the mirror switch plug, just a random that fit. I am still chasing the wire colours for that plug but my windows are working again. Thanks Duncan! And how did you find such a good copy of the diagrams?
  2. Hi guys Chasing some bits for my R32 gtr: Door scuff plates Radiator mounts (upper ,inc metal and rubber parts) AC control unit Stereo surround (smooth type preferred, but having trouble finding any) Please let me know if you can help, based in Sydney
  3. Mate thanks for your help I really appreciate it. I will happily take those plugs if I can, that is amazing.
  4. Thanks Duncan, that would be awesome. I think AC plugs are black with maybe 10 tiny pins each, I have pulled apart an old silvia loom for the plugs for drivers side controls but I need to match the colours ideally. I have been trolling for sale items etc and have found the mirror control plug wiring as attached but no clear shot of the windows part. Edit: I have found a photo of the AC plugs, they are the black ones high up in this pic.
  5. Hi guys Some knob has stolen parts from my Gtr, and was nice enough to cut the wiring out rather than unplug things. Can some kind soul out there please take a good photo of the plug for the drivers side power window plug (blue one) so I can see which wire should go where? They also cut out the A/c controls but I haven't found a replacement yet. Any help appreciated
  6. Does it lose any power when it vibrates? Is it a sound or just a feeling? Something moving around when it squats, or holding speed on a steep hill shows the same? Could be a dead exhaust bolt/gasket or similar, otherwise I would check for stupidity like swaybar links near the exhaust, wheel nuts etc. If not something little, after you get home and its doing it jack up the rear by the diff and spin the wheels by hand and listen/feel.
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