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  1. Scrolling through these to see what options I have for my 370gt. My lady has done 133k. Would you recommend a full rebuild or start something separate and fit later? Also what lights have you got fitted and where did you get them?
  2. Nah, I mis-measured them… they are 350 rears and yeah they are the stock Akebono. I ended up getting the 2314 Gold X and 2315 Gold x. Great rotors
  3. Hey mate, when I couldn’t look at this link I started looking at other stuff. The camera option on Google Translate is freaking amazing. Just hold your phone up and instantly converts everything to English in real time on your screen. So easy to navigate through it.
  4. You’re awesome mate, I did speak with DBA and they said they made the slotted version of the 2337 but when I rang Supercheap they could only supply the 2337E
  5. Yeah, on the front. But I want to match the rear and that is the 330mm. Not with the 170mm handbrake.
  6. G’day all, I can’t seem to find much about this topic on the forum so thought I would ask. looking to swap out the original rotors both front and back and have been looking at DBA assemblies. I have measured (roughly) both front and back rotors and have come up with this. front is the 355mm rotor DBA 2314 (they come in a number of series and drilled/slotted versions).. that’s great… but the rear is the 330mm standard 2337E which has no other alternatives. The next size up is the 350mm that comes in all of the 4000 and 5000 versions. I could just get standard on both front and back but if I’m gonna change them out I want to get something aesthetically pleasing… can anyone recommend either a caliper swap out (and with what, and handbrake assembly) or another brand that supplies both back and front (especially the rear in the 330mm) to suit the front.
  7. G’day all, just bought a 370GT and looking at this stainless Invidia Gemini system. When I bought the car it had a straight through system (had the resonators and muffler removed) that sounded filthy. Got them put back on and now it is stock (even more filthy). First question; How do you guys rate this system? Second question; Any recommendations as to where I could pick up a system other than EBay (preferably in SA) I’m also looking at short ram intakes, any issues with bolting a set straight on? Or will it need to be tuned after putting them on? Any recommendations on a set that are good value and do the trick? thanks all,
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