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  1. Hey guys ive read so many threads i just want to get some confirmation on upgrading standard suspension to coilovers and After reading through the threads i take it that my 96gts4 will fit gtr or awd stagea suspension im the front and gts(t) in the back??? is there anything else i need to change to fit and which coils do you recommend just for daily and highway driving, power cruises notthing serious but im keen on grip any help is appreciated cheers
  2. Arhhh was hoping that question wouldnt come up lol. i dont smh..
  3. Hey... anyone know if the r32 gts4 manual gearbox is the same as a r33 gts4 manual gearbox and if i can bolt it straight up to a r33 gts4??
  4. Hey guys its just past mid 2021 i hope all are good..so ive had my 33gts4 since 2009 got for me 21st i moved to brizzy i 2011 and left it at my olds back in nz its been sitting most the time and with the market the way it is im looking at bringing it over to qld..its completely stock. nothing done to it at all has a bit of rust in spare wheel well and a little surface rust on the strut towers which is surprising ive been reading through all the threads any info anyone wants to share would be great cheers guys
  5. Hey mate did you end up doing the Hub conversion? Do you still have the car?
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