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  1. There also front fenders and rear fenders. Front fenders are fully changed but previous owner had widened the back with fiberglass fenders without removing the old rear piece. Do somebody have some dimensions that i can check from my own car to be sure ?
  2. I think the plastic ones like this or is there missing something else also 🤔 https://www.nengun.com/oem/nissan/63843-05u80
  3. Hi, I got my hands to Skyline R34 GTT with GTR bodykit, but i find that there is no inner fenders on the car. Do anybody have experience that can i buy R34 GTR inner fenders to it ? I still think that they will need some kind of modification to go there.
  4. At last im part of the Family 🤙 10 year ago i had Skyline R33 GTS and i was just dreaming to get R34 to my hands, but life goes on and now its real life. I buy 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT with GTR bodykit without GTR rear spoiler (yet). I planed that, if i dont have the money to buy real GTR, i want it to look like it and make me be little scary, when i drive it 😎💪
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