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  1. Also PranK, i should add, me trying to tell you what a 200zr was , was a bit humorous i think..... after i saw the related posts following your original mssg. My apologies if i sounded arrogant or at the very least, left you feeling insulted in any way.
  2. Spewin, wz excited thinking i had an answer. Pics? yeah nah, never thought to take any unless to send in a txt or somthn. Shes not photo worthy at present, covered in dust due to other things elsewhere on lifes highway and this issue. Am considering researching making my own FFP.
  3. Thanks Prank, Yeah, I have a Z31 200zr 1988 with an RB20DET. Basically a 300zx except jap release only and with a Rb instead of the V6. Precursor to the R32 RB20DET and larger inline 6 displacement engines as far as i know. Why do you ask? Have you got a solution?
  4. Greatly appreciated Duncan. You've given me a starting point. i will continue searching and be sure to let you know how i go. Havagoodn!
  5. G'day and Hassle free motoring to everyone, This is my first post although many of you have already helped with posts/replies you've uploaded here. I'm searching high and low for a front facing plenum intake manifold to suit the Z31 RB20DET. An earlier phone call with PLAZMAMAN revealed an interesting (but devoed!) new knowledge ... The newer R32 RB's had a complete redesign of the Head from the previous Z31 RB's and so none of their plenums will fit my engine without a massive amount of "way above my ability" type stuff. Is there anyone who is making or selling FFP's specifically to suit the Z31 RB20DET's ?
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