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  1. arent DET and DE heads labeled different ? like 73 and 75t ?
  2. Yeah i haven’t seen many threads about this, would the DET cams fit in the DE head however ? in the journals
  3. sorry the valves, and the duration is 268 by 8.4
  4. Hi, i am in the process of building a S2 25DE+T and a oppurtunity has come up to purchase reground 25DET cams, i was wondering if they would work in the 25DE head and if they would contact the piston or anything along those lines
  5. current market for america JDM market what u reckon a 33 sedan w low kms will get bro ?
  6. 25k usd for something w a f**ked engine and rust no wonder why young people like myselves without taking out 30k loans can’t even still afford 20de manual 32 coupes 🤣
  7. I am in New Zealand currently how would i sell to the American Market ? and how much should i ask for it ?
  8. AHAHAHAHA fair enough thanks for the help guys !
  9. yeah fair enough j thought i’d stumbled across a gem or something 🤣
  10. Hi guys, I have j recently used the GTR registry website in my skyline r33 vin ER33-070001 Apparently it is the first of 5 pre production series 2.5 it’s painted in AR1 an already rare colour i was wondering if this is a special are or if it is worth anything more than regular 25de auto r33 sedans Thanks Josh
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