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  1. I'm running a microtech I'm.not sure if you can change dwell with the lt12.
  2. Just wondering will this conversion work with stock rb20 coils with changing the dwell timing? I'm looking at doing this conversion as my coils have shit the bed, want to upgrade but I'm unable to change dwell with my current ecu.
  3. Hey guys just thought I'd introduce myself, my names Jerome Spiteri. Long time skyline lover and fanatic, new the sau but have owned multiple skylines and my r32 for 6 years now, just finished building the motor let me know what you think. Legitimate farm find r32 with and rb25/30, full sexspec survivor that was abandoned on a farm. Now much more tastefully modded with a fully balanced, built forged rb25/30, 6boost, gt3076r and all the fruits. Basically just building my dream gran turismo car 🤣. Setting it up soley for drifting.
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