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  1. Yes its a standard ECU. And no I do not have the adapter to read it. I checked all the fuses . I replaced the fuel relay and now I have fuel pressure, but still no spark.
  2. Yes I did start the car myself. I get all lights in the dash. I do not hear the relay on passenger side. I guessing that is the fuel pump relay. I check my CAS andI do have power and ground but no signal out of wire one and two
  3. It's a 90 skyline [R32] 4 doors with an RB25, no alarm, it was at a shop getting a turbo installed, when it was done I pick up the car and drove it home with no problem and two mintues later get back in it and it will not run. It does crank over, no fuel pressure, no spark at the plugs.
  4. drove car home and two minutes later car will not start, no spark, no fuel pressure. please help.
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