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  1. Haha thanks brother! I know it will be a lot of work! Still weighing on the swap options.
  2. Yeah I love it haha! I’m just not a fan of the v8 swaps. I’ll never shoot down anyone’s v8 build. Just not my thing!
  3. Haha a lot of people do yes but not this guy! Haha
  4. I understand a lot of people want me to go 20b rotary or do a rb26 or 2jz which is at least twice as much as a barra in good condition. The metal and fab work I can do most but I do have help from a certified welder. I have many years in auto body. But I definitely get what your saying! I really appreciate your advice! What swaps do you recommend then? I hate v8 swaps just my opinion.
  5. It’s got some camber to it currently on bags! After a year I’ll be going back to normal!
  6. Well everyone does either the LS,rb,2jz swap. I just want to be different with my build that’s all! My motor actually bone stock 6spd with slightly less that 53k for miles! Figured I can keep it as a spare lol
  7. Yes I most definitely got that wrong! Barra there we go! I’ll have to take some measurements once I find the specs. I know there about 6” longer than a 2jz. Also slightly wider I think about 10mm or so. I knoticed they make adapter plates etc for the swap but really didn’t find much on that but haven’t dug too deep yet! Figured you guys would be some of the best info and advice! Cheers from cold ass Maine!
  8. Was hoping for some insight on swapping a Berra into my 2005 350z! Any positive insight is much appreciated. I have 15 years auto body experience under my belt besides that had been the typical RB swaps. Appreciate you all!
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