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  1. To be honest mate, exhaust wise I’m looking to get something that’ll sound really good, not that much looking for power, but if it can come with I’m cool with it. So if you guys would have any tips to make the car sound great and maybe even add a little bit of power, that would be perfect
  2. Cheers mate! Only thing is it’s a bit out of my budget at the moment, was looking for something like an aftermarket exhaust system that sounds good, like the HKS hi power exhaust, and gives decent power boosts
  3. G’day. I am about to buy a 370GT V36 Coupe, and I was browsing around the web for good modifications to make to the car. So far I have only been able to zero in on the UpRev ECU Flash. Other than that I am in all sorts. With the exhaust system, I am looking for something that’ll give a great sporty sound with not too much drone, as well as giving an additional boost of power to the car. And with the intake, I am looking for the one that can give the best performance. As you guys are knowledgeable at this stuff, I thought I’d shoot the question. Also any other mods that would make the car better would be much appreciated. Thanks
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