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  1. Yeah I’m thinking if the mufflers were still in and bov doing what it’s supposed to it would be fine, but I also thought just freeing up the exhaust wouldn’t be enough to cause the cut. Definitely thinking of putting the bov back on to see what happens but I did notice with my butt dyno the car felt a lot faster but then the cuts started happening too. love the r31s man, sure it didn’t sound too bad with the mufflers but I know what you mean lol adding a muffler or two just makes the sounds that little bit better. had to buy a pack of earplugs when I had my Lexus, started to notice my ears ringing after I drove it a few times. have been quite lucky with Cops in my decatted cars somehow don’t know how cause one of em use to set off car alarms! Yeah I think for my next car I’ll just get highflow cats instead of test pipes, just like the cheapness of the test pipes cause some highflow cats can get really expensive.
  2. Yeah sadly I’m one of the guys that like it loud, but I will definitely be considering putting at least one muffler in there to make it sound a little smoother and less raspy up top. Guessing it was the loud exhaust that did the damage, I definitely understand where you’re coming from so I do my best to have all the noise be coming completely out the back and not anywhere near me, I had a ls400 and had it dumping from the headers because I didn’t think it was loud enough at first, very quickly realized that was dumb and had to drive home with ear plugs because I have a 30 minute commute back. I plan is to run around 450hp so I’ll definitely look into the link ecu and PowerPC, currently trying to find out what my local tuner prefers but they’re moving so can’t get much info. Definitely do plan on the bigger turbo once I have a fuel pump, injectors, r35 coils and arp head studs, I’m mostly looking at the hypergear turbos because I’ve heard pretty good things about them and will either start with an external waste gate high flow stock turbo rated for 400-500 or just get an aftermarket turbo from them both would be similar rating and would have all the added goodies to them. I will be a bunch of other upgrades before I do my turbo because I’d rather over build than not and have things blow, don’t plan on doing a whole rebuild until I want to go past the 450 mark also thank you both for the insight this has been very helpful for me as I’m 19 and still have a lot to learn!
  3. Okay cool, Thank you for that! I’ll see if I can find a haltech ecu because I like them a little bit more also might go with the fuel cut defencer as a temporary “fix” to my problems, most likely won’t be doing the FMIC for a while but will definitely be getting the dump pipe and boost controller. from your experience how was the fuel cut defencer? Other than getting rid of the cut was there anything else that was a notable difference? Asking because I do plan to do all my big upgrades roughly around the same time and wondering if I should suffer with the cut until then or bite the bullet, get the ecu and get it tuned a few times. also rather than the HKS fuel cut defencer or an AM ecu, do you think the Apexi safc neo would be a good thing to try out? I’ve heard that it doesn’t fix the cut and I’ve heard it does sometime too. Definitely looking at every option because as I said kinda tight on money and will have to wait to get anything somewhat expensive. had a little thought too, since the cut has been happening since I did up my exhaust do you think putting on maybe one boxy kinda style mufflers would be able to help it too?
  4. Hey Duncan thanks for the reply! my car is a 2000 rs4s, sadly my wagon wasn’t optioned with the gauges so I can’t tell what the actually boost level is but planning to get a gauge in a few weeks and yes it is a smooth cut rather than a misfire, I’ll be driving with normal power then it feels like it’s been cut in half once I put my foot down, the only audible difference I can hear is the car sounds “mean” and when the cut happens all the “meaness” goes away if you know what I mean. i will do my best to get a clip of the sound while I’m doing home for work tonight. Also for the aftermarket ecu would you recommend getting one now? The car is 100% stock except for my exhaust and the 5$ intake mod I’m about to do tonight, do plan on FMIC, pod filter, boost controller and turbo dump pipe once I have money but didn’t think you d have to do much with ecu till I started messing with the fuel and turbo stuff. sorry for the long reply, just tryna learn as much as I can
  5. So as it say I’ve modified my exhaust to be a complete straight pipe no mufflers or cats (it is very loud but I kinda like it that way) and every so often when I push on the gas a bit harder sometimes around 4500rpm all the power I was feeling mostly goes away. I’ll have to do some more testing to see if it does it every time but just hoping to see if anyone might know what’s causing my “boost cut” only mods I’ve done is my exhaust and then blocked off my bov for the nice stu stu’s also planned to modify my intake slightly this weekend and hope that is doesn’t make the “cut” worse
  6. I’ve looked around and found sites that show the bleeder vavle for the r32 rear and front but I cannot find it to save my life on the s2 stagea, does anyone know or have some pictures I could see to hopefully find the valve? i found out my fluid was low so I want to add some but don’t want air in the system. any advice greatly helps and thank you in advance!!
  7. To anyone who was following this, it was just a fuse and I was checking the wrong ones, for whatever reason I was checking the accessories fuses and not the audio because I thought if the ac unit and digital clocked turned off it wouldn’t be connected to the audio one but I was wrong. hopefully this helps anyone else with the same problem I had Ps. audio fuse should be the second from the bottom and the far left side!
  8. Any suggestions for what to do with it?
  9. Damn, I honestly didn’t think about that, I’ll make sure to pick one up and start looking for around for what isn’t getting power as soon as I can. Thank you!!
  10. Any suggestions for the audio deck, dash clock and like half my air con just completely cutting out? Checked my fuses and they’re all good, also to mention I was putting my cover back in for my trunk and I have wires for a sub back there just no sub yet. Not sure if the wires back there have something to do with it but I literally had music playing one second and the next the clock and deck went black. It’s also for an 2001 rs4s
  11. mines just always on, even once it warms up. it had a moment where it would turn off but its gone back to staying on all the time. abs light does the same too.
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