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  1. Just wondering if anyone knew where i'd be able to get one of the cleaners to clean the AAC valve??
  2. I'd say it depends who you're with... The point being is, if you're over they can decide to stop covering you at the drop of a hat - B/S I know but what can u do? I'm with Just car Insurance and I had an accident which cost about $12K, but they paid out, whether they knew is another issue...
  3. Hey, yeah there is a speed limiter, but HKS have Speed Limit Defenders which you can put in to cancel that BS out!!! Have heard that you can put a 1.5 ohm resistor on the crankshaft to cut it out as well but don't know enough about it to really understand it!!! *if any1 knows anything about that or that it is BS can u let me know* The thing with dragging those sort of cars is if u have unlimited amount of road u'll get smoked cause there top end speed kills ours.... disappointing i know, had 2 learn that one the hard way 2!!!
  4. yeah sounds very familiar... have u checked the loom running to the ECU yet?
  5. Hey mate, I'm on my P's and I own a R33, I did what you are thinking of doing and learnt that lesson of buying a car with no money left over the hard way... Had it 2 weeks then got T-Boned, still paying it off and that was 9 months ago!!! Have you checked in2 insurance costs with the R33 cause I was paying about $4500 for it, dont know much about the R32 prices... And no matter wat you say about being a safe, curtious driver, all that changes when you get a high powered car - its impossible to deny the urges!!!! I couldnt give you an answer on what car 2 buy, its personal preference you've got 2 make up your own mind on that, but gotta tell u that my car has had a few problems which I'm still trying to work out but not once do i regret buying it!!! I know re-sale values are dropping at the moment, and will more than likely be pretty hard to sell if they bring this V8 and Turbo restriction in on P Plate drivers but wat do u do... And with the parents thing - mate, they all do it... My parents over-reacted, with the whole buying another car thing, guilt trips, and I told u so's, but they give up eventually!!! Hope this has been a help - goodluck with it all... Cheers.
  6. Hey mate, if you find out can you pls let me know??
  7. Hey mate, Not sure whether i completely understand your problem, but it sounds like a similar problem I had... I suggest you check the harness running in2 the ECU, because that was my problem... The RPM signal was cut, and re-soldered but a very average effort so when it got warm the wire's would expand then when it cooled it would only contact every so often so it would be unstable. The wire colour is yellow with a blue strip running through it... Hope this helps but not too sure because I'm not sure whether the harness was changed with the Apexi FC... Goodluck mate, Let me know how you go!
  8. Sorry guys - probably 2 vague, but was pretty sceptical from the start... Alright this is what we're talking about:- It has turned off while cruising or idiling - these 2 are the most common. But it also has occasionally turned off on takeoff, or breaking hard! The only time it NEVER turns off is when i'm really giving it to it. It also seems to flat spot (if that's what you'd call it) i'll be driving along and it just stops responding for maybe 1 or 2 seconds, no matter how far the accelerator is down it does nothing, then it will kick back and keep going - it almost seems like it is trying to turn off... If it does this a couple of times, all i have to do is put it in Neutral while driving along and the revs drop to 0 and she turns off. Electrics stay on though so i've ruled out a short, it also starts up straight away 2. Another thing that it does is if I'm driving on a warmish - hot day, the flat spotting will occur and if i can manage to keep it on, the next time i go to drive it (no matter how long it is after it) it plays up, almost like its got a memory (thats where i was thinking the ECU) It's very common during the warmer weather, almost unheard of during the colder - and its pretty much got me fu$&@d... That's about it... Hope this helps, if u need anymore info let me know... Thanks all!!
  9. Already been done, they got replaced and set! So unless the mechanic is completely incompetent it ain't gonna be that! Cheers.
  10. Yeah had thought of that but when it turns off the electrics stay on so it wouldn't be a short... Had about 1001 ideas of wat it could be but so far nothing, revs used 2 be unstable 2, changing between 300 - 2100 all the time, so i thought the turning off could have been related but found that the idle problem was just an average attempt to re-connect the RPM wire!!! Thanks for your suggestion anyway.
  11. Yeah thanks for that... Just in case i didnt know!!! Besides the blatently obvious of it being a pain in the ass, the fact that ppl look at Skylines and it stalls just about anywhere makes it a bitch to go anywhere without having every1 laugh at ya!!! Fun and games hey??
  12. Yeah mate, figured no-one else had this problem... Its f#$&^d!!! Just hoping that someone knew wat was going on - considering this is a Skyline website and ppl CLAIM to know wat they are talking about!! Thanx anyway.
  13. Hey mate, I found a Workshop manual a couple of weeks ago for my R33 Skyline which also sells the R32 Manual. The site is: http://www.pitstop.net.au/pitstop/page/mar...tsun/13923.html Hope this helps!
  14. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone else has heard of or had the problem where your car shuts itself off during driving? Its does it in warmer weather or after giving it a thrashing? Any help would be good because no Auto Electricians or Mechanics have any idea. Cheers.
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