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  1. Swapped the CAS pins. Great success 👌 received_332288827772883.mp4
  2. Spent the day flushing out the old fuel and putting some new E85 in it along with some fuel doctor. Based on my digging through the logs and talking to my tuner, it looks like the emtron is designed to suit the Neo CAS. Will double check with Emtron, but probably I just need to do a pin swap for the signal wire and trigger wire and she should be good to go.
  3. Came so close to starting today. Has fuel, but no spark. Spun the CAS by hand, but no spark. Coila have 12v on the multimeter. Ran an ignition test on the ECU and the coils fire. Noticed the battery voltage goes to 11.7v when I crank. So, charging the battery up to be safe, but it's brand new. Looking at ECU settings to see if there's something going on to disable the spark.
  4. Mines a genuine Trust turbo. So whatever they did back in the day. RE: CAS, will probably go the High Octane kit. Probably not happening before tune, perhaps that way I can keep the power down for now and get used to driving it I guess
  5. @Dale FZ1FZ1 I think the 25G is a 12 blade. There is a thread from years ago in forced induction which may have the specifics. I recall counting the blades when I got the turbo a year or so ago. Could be wrong however.
  6. See attached. Hoping for 600rwhp on it maxed out. That's with 1.9bar of boost
  7. https://www.makomotorsport.com.au/collections/frontpage/products/nissan-r31-cluster-mount
  8. Look to have the water leaks under control now Found the casting on the water tube which sits under the RB26 intake was fouling on the adapter plate. This was just enough to make the water galleries leak, so I ground off some of the casting dags. I also got a HKS metal gasket set to ensure the seal is more robust. Did a thing as well to replace my Defi Link Screen and Blitz ID3 Boost Gauge. This will allow me to swap to Bosch Oil Temp & Pressure and Fuel Pressure Sensors.
  9. Thanks man. Having said that, your 32 is an exception to that rule! The new turbo is a TD06SH-25G, so should have a tiny bit more poke up top than the T67 from what I can gather. RB25DET gearbox shifter circlips can suck my nuts too. Missing some skin from that ordeal
  10. Got the dash back together and the ECU mounted today. Will test to see exact where the leak is coming from with this China eBay pressure tester kit. Going to get the leak sorted out in the week and try to finish the intake pipe to the turbo.
  11. Found the intake water leak & have ordered some metal gaskets this time rather than the genuine paper ones. Will pressure test the system before putting the intake chamber back on. Got a new blade for my band saw & finally got my tungsten rod order (hard to get right now) so whilst I wait for gaskets I will finish my intake pipe this weekend
  12. The Emtron is wired up & can bus working thanks to my brother in law. Seems to be doing it's thing, the Emtron is a vastly different beast to the old PowerFC. Put some oil in it and the engine turned over which is promising. I didn't get to start the car this weekend as we found a water leak on the intake near 1&2, so I need to take a look at that before firing it up as I want to be 100% sure everything is kosher. Since I cannot see the leak the intake chamber and throttles will have to come out at the very least, worst case the whole plenum will come out and get RTV on all the things Gauge wise for now I'm using my old Defi Link screen for water temp, oil temp/pressure & fuel pressure for now until I can afford to go 7" big boy screen & run the equivalent sensors through the Emtron. I may even do an electronic speedo off the Emtron since I wont be needing the cable once I have a LCD dash
  13. Fancy calculator time. Anyone interested in a PowerFC D-Jetro for R32-33 GTR?
  14. I booked the tune for July 21. The new ECU is being sent here along with wide band, air temp and 4bar map sensor. I will install it all prior to the tune, so about 4-5 weekends of solid work on my hands. I remade the fuel lines to the rail as I wasn't happy with them and based it off a mates GTR who has comparable power levels. I fitted my hose separators and made up the catch can lines, I'm getting quite fond of 200 series now. The catch can previously sat on the battery tray which is now gone, so made some brackets to mount it. I might remake one of the brackets as the catch can sits on a slant due to the engine bay shape.
  15. Brembo's fitted and dummied up the new intake and intercooler pipes. Will tack the pipes next weekend and get onto the catch can mounts and lines. Also looked at a mates GTR fuel lines, decided I'm going to redo the fuel lines in the engine bay before tuning. Hopefully fire it up the last weekend of June.
  16. Car is rolling again on the 5 stud wheels. I spent Saturday with a couple of mates swapping the RB20 (R32) loom for an RB26 loom out of an R32 GTR. A basic sensor check was AOK and the fuel system primes and pressurises. Have a hose leak under the back of the car which needs looking at. The lines are fairly new and E85 compatible gates stuff so hopefully haven't perished. Still have some small things to tidy up on the loom (wrapping & mounting) and put the dash back together but it all looks to be working as designed. I should be able to start the car up on the PowerFC in the next couple of weeks and get the Emtron fitted at Chequered once it's taken for its run in and tune.
  17. Swapped the semi slicks onto the new wheels.Rear hubs done and wheels fitted. Front hubs didn't get finished in time so I'll put them on in the week. Should be finishing the wiring and fuel system this weekend coming. Then it's just intercooler pipes, trims and panels before to go I book it for a tune. Also sorted out a Tig torch and regulator to put on my old man's welder. Hired an argon bottle for $10 p/m so I can start practicing before I work on the new intake pipe and intercooler pipes to the plenum
  18. Like anything, good tools are key. The quality of my braided lines has vastly improved since getting a decent of spanners and a proper vice tool to hold the fittings. I've got an experienced person guiding me on welding technique, equipment, settings etc. But I must say, 20 years since I last did arc/mig and I remember why I hate those. Tig is slower but for what I'm doing its the most elegant solution.
  19. Power Steering cooler is in, just need some more heat sleeve to protect the paint near the rad support and keep things tidy. Am waiting for some billet hose separators to keep the lines tidy. Next weekend I'll be finishing the fuel system. It's my first time doing teflon lines but I think some more video tutorials and I'll be AOK. Then at the end of the month, with the help of a mate I'm swapping in a super clean R32 GTR engine wiring loom to get it running on. (20 loom is a bit of a rats nest IMO). Also found out my old man has a welder which can do Tig (I only have Arc here) so getting a torch for it and going to do the new intake pipe myself as I've been practicing on stainless with the guidance of my brother in law. With any luck, I'll have it on the dyno by EOFYS in time for the new ECU (famous last words)
  20. Spoke to Roy outside SAU as for some reason I couldn't login recently. Went Nitto. My PS feed adapter didn't turn up so ordered another one from another vendor and its due tomorrow. So PS lines should be done and dusted this weekend. Did some heat wrapping instead on the weekend, lots of swears. List of things to do before getting it turned over is getting shorter and shorter rather than longer for a change! Also looking to ditch the PowerFC ASAP and going something more modern. My wedding anniversary present No Haltech or anything tech for that matter.
  21. R33 booster arrived on Friday as the HR31 turbo booster is physically massive and fouls on the plenum (so much so I couldn't fit it). Got the intake on and there is plenty of room now! I had a 33 booster spare years ago and sold it, should have fitted it years ago and not had the old rb20 plenum get scratched up fitting it. You can see the difference between the boosters. Anyone that wants a HR31 Turbo booster with BM44 from an R33 hit me up. I'm keeping the BM50 on the car Ran into some trouble yesterday however. The aluminum casting of the power steering pump feed is quite porous. Broke it when tightening the AN fitting I welded onto it last weekend. Can get a billet piece from the US but they a seem to be NLA. Anyone know where I can source? https://suspiciousgarage.com/collections/hoses-and-fittings/sr20de It's a 34mm spacing and I don't think another genuine one is a good thing. Perhaps, I might be able to use a 38mm turbo return and drill out the bolts to 8mm.
  22. Fitted the oil cooler, remote oil filter, fuel pressure regulator and re did the lower intercooler mounts. Dummy fitted the intercooler pipes. So far the hot side lines up with the new turbo. Will need to check the intake side when I dummy fit the plenum. I also had to buy new injectors as the spray pattern on my 1150s were sub par due to sitting for a while with E85. Went 1650s for future headroom [emoji16] Just need to do the oil cooler lines, fuel lines and new power steering lines. Then start on the wiring with my brother in law.
  23. I never has AC in this car. It's possible to retain. But I think you need to invert the intercooler or run gtsr style AC lines?
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