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  1. Ta mate.....Point taken.....Wheels are in absolute mint condition and rubber is near 100% all round.....Do want to sell them asap for extra cash o/s, but no biggie if I don't.....I'll jst keep them for when I may need them.....I am willing to reduce the price by a fair margin, but not so low as they're probably in the best condition I've seen any GT-T wheels......Cheers again.
  2. I have four immaculate original R34 GT-T wheels for sale. 235/45/ZR17 rubber all round. 100% tread - Rears (driven on them twice) // 80% tread - Fronts. 1 or 2 unnoticable scratches). $1,200.00 ONO I'm located in Melbourne. Pls forward all expressions of interest by: Pref 1: SMS - 0402 880 337 Pref 2: email - dinuka_m@hotmail.com Pls, only those genuinely interested and as it is an URGENT sale (going overseas), the price, if reasonable, is fully negotiable. Cheers all
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  4. Hi to all fellow SkyLine lovers :bananaman .....I hav heard different views of TT's (ie. "2mins is plenty!" / "Get one that calculates how long is needed" / "Short spurts - 5mins" / "Long distance - 1min" etc. etc. etc.)......Jst wanned to know what ur experiences hav been with TT's and what u recommend......I have the option of getting a TT with my alarm that will cool for 2mins every time or one that calculates and dunno which one would be better?!?!?! :confused: Any ideas / Advice would be much appreciated!!
  5. Funky....Thanx for that mate....Can't wait for bigger rims - looks soooo much better......Good enlargemnt job I saw in a couple threads that ur Lankan (as am I).....Good to hear none of ur family were affected by the tsunami.....Does anyone know anythin bout bee-r racing rims and where to source from??
  6. Thanx for the input pentae and sl!m.....I'll hopefully be uploading sum more pics into the gallery soon so maybe sum1 would be abl to chop a side on view.....I knew it was a damn sh!t angle, but worth a try :uhh:
  7. IanH....Nice ride dude.....Thanx for the specs.....Will look into this very soon.....35mm drop would be ideal I think......Good to see the modified TS front.....I was :confused: how I was gonna do the FMIC.....Clean car man
  8. Ta mate.....Good advice me thinks....By a mild lowering job, what do u guys recommend?? I love the ride of the car atm and don't wanna lose too much of it....I've been recommended coilovers, but don't want the car too stiff.....Is there another, maybe cheaper option which I can look to have my car lowered, but at the same time, not lose too much of the comfort??
  9. Hey all....Can someone Pls PhotoChop my Line with 18" or 19" Rims??? I am new to the forum/Lines and don't know a damn thing about chopping :Oops: I am tossing up b/w Normals/Whites and it would be most appreciated if someone could help me decide with sum pics :confused: Thanx in Advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Hey Guys/Gals....I'm tryin to post a couple a pics of my ride.....Still new to the forums so be nice :Oops: Lemme no what u'all think....Also, the pic of the rear wheel - currently running stock 17"s, I'm thinkn of 19"s but dunno if they'll fit the current body kit (the gap from tyre to kit is quite small).....Any ideas?? Thanx in Advance ppls!!
  11. Thanx heaps for the replies guys.....How much should I be paying for a new set of irridium plugs?? Jst don't wanna get ripped....Also, with TurboTimers, what's the max time you've seen the car cooled for (ie. is 2mins plenty on all occasions??) Cheers again
  12. I'll check the plugs and gap over w'end and let u know.....Thanx again!! :wavey:
  13. Thanx StaceRacer.....I'm not too familiar with abbreviations (ECU??) Also, I forgot to mention that it has a 3" Jun-BL pipe.....Sumthin I've noticed is that at high REVS, the car seems to have a sort of miss and a popping noise from the back-end (exhaust).....I end up losing a lot of power.....Can anyone help me with sum suggestions as to what this may be??? PLEEEEAAAASE???
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