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  1. Sorry for bumping an old thread. Has anyone else's steering gotten heavier with a 1000hp ati balancer installed?
  2. After a lot of reading I'm leaning towards a PAR gearset. Just gotta work out if I go syncro or dog...
  3. So an Os gearset over a Par set is the recommendation? Probably a dumb question but looking at my attachment which one should I order? The heavy duty input shaft or the holinger type? Cheers Edit: I don't have a clutch yet so will probably go with the Holinger type and an R3C
  4. I have a 6466 on my built 26. Twinscroll .84 rear. What should I expect to make on a 98ron tune? Not ready for e85 yet... Made 400rwhp @10psi while running it in 2 years ago and I haven't been bothered to return to the dyno... Happy to run all of the boost in the world Cheers
  5. Thanks for the reply. There is probably nothing wrong with my speed sensor (I just assumed that the reading fluctuating so much indicated a problem) and my Hicas issue is most likely something else. Cheers
  6. I'm trying to figure out why my steering is heavy at low speed. So far I have figured out the speed out of my cluster is fluctuating around 10kmph or so (looking at the software on my link ecu) Also measuring the yellow/green wire at the Hicas ecu the volts are fluctuating at a constant speed. Could this fluctuating be causing the hicas to stop adjusting the valve in the steering rack? Glen did you have to replace the whole cluster or can the speed sender be replaced on it's own? I tried many times to get the car to enter diagnostic mode but it wouldn't do it.. Cheers!
  7. There is about 5 mins taken out since the original upload
  8. Seat belt extender thingie Hi all, Chasing the seat belt extender that attaches at the top of the seat belt so I don't have to reach around so far (getting old..) Car is a 32 gtr. Cheers
  9. Awesome. Was just about to ask about line sizes
  10. Just purchased a 6466 for my built rb26. Looking at around 7-750rwhp on e85. Currently I have a Walbro 460 and a Turbosmart fpr1200. Does using my current 460 as a lift pump into a SPR400 with twin 460's inside the tank seem overkill? Can anyone recommend me anything else? Cheers!
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