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  1. Its simply a matter of respect. This person does not have any nor after that effort deserve it quite frankly. A person in that position should work in a positive manner to promote the site and care for its users / visitors. (remember their actions reflect the WHOLE SITE!) nismo33 - thx mate mega - i realise this mate. there is nothing wrong with a bit of a debate silver - tis cool mate i prefer to make bridges not burn them
  2. Hey guys/girls Firstly i'd like to say that you have some interesting reads on this forum. One thing that nerves me though is the changing of peoples avatars and signaturs on them (obviously by mods) who are blatently abusing their privledges. Now whilst I think this topic is an interesting one on this forum, TOCAU site and also the overclockers sight, is there really need for so much blatend sledging of other peoples cars? I mean has anyone on the TOCAU site bagged your cars to the enth degree and basically told them they are shiet? (not that i see) Now whilst this is only contained to a few people it does tend to leave an impression for the rest of the forum. A few people have come to both sites and given their creative criticism and been open minded. Whilst others quite frankly need to grow up and think outside of their small world which is their lunchbox! For those who have taken this topic with a grain of rice and not said anything thankyou!...also to those who have added some value to it ...thank you....the others....well its not worth mentioning really! I really do like skyline's and their drivers. I have talked to alot of them and they have been nice enough to return the favour with great conversation (and not baggin other peoples cars) and in most cases given me a friendly sprint on the track! For the others that continue to lack the mental capacity to string together anything better than "my skiline rocks..and your car is shiet"...im feel sorry for you and your family.
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