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  1. Has anybody got a part No. for the Lambda sensor for an R33 GTS-RB25DET motor?
  2. Loosing all electrical power will cause the E.C.U. to reset to basic settings. It will slowly "learn" the settings as you drive it, did it myself when changing to Shell Optimax. Should be O.K. after a cruise around town.
  3. I think the site is, www.wreckedexotics.com Some pityful views to be seen there.
  4. I had NGK PFR6A's in my old R33, worked pretty well getting chased by Audi tt's. Wil be fitting some Iridium plugs in the replacement to see how they shape up, been told they are good for 50,000 mls, will let you know in a couple of years time....
  5. Check out www.meggala.com ,there is a wiring diagram for the RB25DET engine (in english) should throw some light on the subject.
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