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  1. Hi guys Forsale, my 9180 done 500 klms, Made 500 kw on 25psi. Comes with turbo smart bov, not water or oil lines. hi octane ceramic coated rear housing. Reason for sale, engine block cracked after 500klm with a brand new engine setup. Lost interest for now till new engine is built.
  2. looks like good power from low boost
  3. has anyone got any real life info on the G42 1200 on a 2.8 considering it
  4. Its such a fine line. At the end of the day, everyones idea of laggy is different. 9280 would bolt straight up to my current setup as I've got a 9180..... that's why I'm looking down that route for this new engine.
  5. so your all saying G42 1200 compact? than 1000hp awd skids?
  6. will the 9280 make 1000hp atw on a 2.8 with everything needed to make 1000hp...... that is the question.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/158878344286716/permalink/1223879557786584/?sale_post_id=1223879557786584
  8. when's these new 9274 and 9280 gunna be available to buy? seams like they been talking about them for months now.
  9. how much wheel hp are we all thinking the 9280 is going to make over a 9180 on a RB? any guesses out there?
  10. its not like its gunna make the block weaker..... if you've got the cash, buy one.
  11. I've got one, on a stock block 2.8 stroker, hard to say how its going to hold up as the engine only has 2-3k kms on it. 500kw run in tune 25psi with a 9180. See what she does at 35-40 psi in a few months.
  12. my 9180 makes 500kw atw on 26psi with a run in tune on my new engine. Be interesting to see what she makes when we turn it up. But they make 500 easy.
  13. Also the plate thats welded up the inside of the pipe from the mani to gate flange - Hangs out past the end of the pipe, once you weld the V band onto the end of the pipe - you than shape the "spilt plate" to suit the back of the waste gate, so its sealed up.
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